Kamegawa Seibu

Kamegawa Ueekata Seibu (亀川 親方 盛武, 1808 – 13 November 1880), also known by the Chinese-style name Mō Inryō (毛 允良), was a politician and bureaucrat of Ryukyu Kingdom.

Kamegawa Seibu
亀川 盛武
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sanshikan of Ryukyu
In office
Preceded byYonabaru Ryōkyō
Succeeded byUrasoe Chōshō
Personal details
Ryukyu Kingdom
Died13 November 1880
Shuri, Okinawa, Empire of Japan
Chinese nameMō Inryō (毛 允良)

Kamegawa was selected as a member of the Sanshikan in 1871, but was forced to retire by Japan in the next year because he was strongly pro-Chinese.

After Ryukyu was annexed by Japan in 1879, Kamegawa Seibu became the chief leader of anti-Japanese factions. He sent his grandson Kamegawa Seitō (亀川 盛棟, also known as Mō Yūkei 毛 有慶) to Fuzhou to request China negotiate it with Japan. In the next year, Seitō came back to Shuri and spread rumors that Chinese troops would come to liberate Ryukyu soon. The Kamegawa family was arrested by police, and tortured in the prison. Seibu was released on 3 November, but died ten days later.


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Political offices
Preceded by Sanshikan of Ryukyu
1871 - 1872
Succeeded by