Kamal Ahmed (comedian)

Kamal Ahmed (born May 7, 1966), usually called Kamal, is a Bangladeshi-American comedian and former member of prank phone calling comedy group The Jerky Boys. He has acted in and directed several films, including Rapturious, completed in 2006.

Ahmed played the characters Frank Kissel, a World War II veteran; Tarbash the Egyptian Magician; and Ali Kamal, a victim of dental malpractice, on the Jerky Boys albums. He appeared in "Punch", a 1994 episode of Space Ghost Coast to Coast. He co-starred with John G. Brennan in the comedy film The Jerky Boys: The Movie in 1995. Tensions began to develop between Brennan and Ahmed; during the production of Big Money Hustlas, the duo were unable to get along with each other, and Ahmed only appeared in a cameo.[1]

In 2000, Ahmed released a solo album, Once a Jerk, Always a Jerk.[2]


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