Kaikadi (dog)

The Kaikadi is a breed of sighthound from India.[1][2][3] The Kaikadi are kept by the Kaikadi people, a nomadic tribe in Maharashtra and parts of Gujarat.[1][2] They are a particularly small and thin breed of sighthound standing between 38 and 46 centimetres (15 and 18 in) and weighing around 20 kilograms (44 lb).[1][2] They have long, thin legs and powerful thighs and hock joints, a long and tapered tail, a thin and long head with prominent eyes and long, and erect ears.[1][2] They have a short coat that comes in a variety of colours but white, tan and black are predominant.[2]

Breed statusNot recognised as a breed by any major kennel club.
Height 38–46 cm (15–18 in)
Weight ≈ 20 kg (44 lb)
Colour Predominantly white, tan or black
Dog (domestic dog)

The Kaikadi are known for their exceptional speed, they are usually hunted in packs hunting a variety of small game particularly monkeys, rats, monitor lizards, mongooses and squirrels.[1][2] The breed is suspicious of strangers and at night they work as watchdogs for their masters.[2]

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