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Kahani Terrii Merrii[1] is a TV show produced by Ekta Kapoor (Balaji Telefilms), broadcast on Sony Entertainment Television (India) in 2003. Nivedita Basu was the creative head of the show and it was directed by Garry Bhinder.

The story is a family drama that revolving around a business family in Kolkata, Chakravartys. The opening title song was sung by Sonu Nigam and Priya Bhattacharya, with choreography by Saroj Khan.




Kahani Teri Meri is the story of a joint Bengali Family. The male protagonist of the show Dhruv and his childhood friend Tara falls in love in adulthood and get married. The only problem is that Dhruv is an alcoholic and fails to get over the addiction. The reason behind his addiction is his traumatic childhood which was spent in mostly loneliness. It is suggested that his father had left his mother for some another woman and this has caused trouble in their relationship. Grown to be an Adult, Dhruv could not get over the traumatic experiences from his childhood although his childhood sweetheart Tara tries her best to convince him to leave his addiction.

But circumstances in the joint family forces Dhruv again and again to continue with his alcoholic addiction. Worse, some of his family members plan various schemes to destroy his relationship with Tara particularly his sister in law. Slowly and steadily Tara helps Dhruv to become a better person and he begins to realize her true love. But their world is torn apart when a woman Rajita ( Poonam Narula ) enter their lives. She is a shrewd business woman who happens to be the best friend of Tara. Initially Rajita and Dhruv hate each other but circumstances bring them together and both falls for each other.

Dhruv doesn't realize that he commits the same mistake his father did and falls for another woman thus ruining his marital life. At the night of Karwachauth, When Dhruv asks Rajita to break her fast, Tara discovers their illegitimate relationship. Heartbroken and Dejected, she confronts Dhruv who finally realizes his mistake. But Tara does not forgive him. When Dhruv's mother comes to know about all this, she gets shocked and stunned. Realizing that Tara is now standing at the same position she once was, she lets Tara go out of the house and move on from Dhruv, thus not letting her sacrifice for a selfish man. The show ends with Tara leaving Dhruv and the latter repenting on his actions.


Kahanii Terii Merii was launched with very much promise. The show replaced the hit drama 'Kutumb' and was touted to be one of the expensive TV shows of that time. The show was loosely based on the storyline of Devdas. Despite the lavish sets and a huge cast, the show failed to Impress the audiences and critics alike. The reception of the show was poor all over and the ratings were dismissal. The show could not survive and thus ended abruptly. It was replaced by the critical acclaimed TV show 'Naam Gumm Jayega'.

On the other hand, The Title song of the TV show received praise for its presentation and choreography.


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