Kaffa Province

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Kaffa (Amharic: ከፋ) was a province on the southwestern side of Ethiopia; its capital city was Bonga. It was named after the former Kingdom of Kaffa or "Kefa".

Location of Kaffa within the Ethiopian Empire

Kaffa was bordered on the west by Sudan, on the northwest by Illubabor, on the north by Walega, on the northeast by Shewa, on the east by Sidamo, and on the southeast by Gamu-Gofa.

Legendary accounts state that the etymology of Kaffa is from the Arabic qahwah meaning "a drink from berries".[1] According to legend, ancestors of today's Kaffa people in southwest Ethiopia were the first to cultivate the coffee plant and recognise the energising effect of the coffee beverage.[2] However, no direct evidence has been found to support this exact account.[3]

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