Kaev Hua I

Kaev Hua I (also spelled Kêo Fâ; 1580–1611), also known as Ponhea Nhom (Khmer: ពញាញោម), was the Cambodian king (or regent) ruled from 1600 to 1603.[citation needed]

Kaev Hua I
King of Cambodia
King of Cambodia
PredecessorBarom Reachea III
SuccessorSrei Soriyopear
Stoung, Cambodia
FatherSatha I
MotherAnak Munang Puspari Bangsiri

Nhom was the forth son of Satha I. He became the king or regent after his uncle Barom Reachea III's death. Nhom put down the rebellion led by Kêv, captured Kêv and had him put to death. Nhom also ended the Spanish protectorate.[1] He moved the capital to Phnom Penh.

With the help of Siamese, Nhom's uncle Srei Soriyopear returned to Cambodia.[1] Under the pressure of the nobility and Buddhist clergy, Nhom was forced to abdicate in favor of Srei Soriyopear in 1603. Nhom rebelled against his uncle but was killed at Stoung in 1611.[citation needed]


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Kaev Hua I
Varman Dynasty
Born: 1580 Died: 1611
Regnal titles
Preceded by
Barom Reachea III
King of Cambodia
Succeeded by
Srei Soriyopear