The Kaesong Folk Hotel is a tourist hotel located in Kaesong, North Korea, which opened in 1989. Housed in 19 traditional hanok-style courtyard houses, many of which date to the Joseon dynasty and retain their original furnishings.[1] The complex has 50 rooms, a traditional restaurant[2] and a souvenir shop. The houses themselves are located on both sides of the stream that runs through Kaesong,[3] with some located at the foot of Mountain Janam.

Kaesong Folk Hotel
A room inside the hotel
Korean name
Revised RomanizationGaeseong minsok ryeogwan
McCune–ReischauerKaesŏng minsok ryŏgwan

The hotel's accommodations are all traditionally Korean; guests sleep on the floor on padded mats, and all houses are equipped with the traditional Ondol heating system. Power outages are common at the hotel.[4]


Inside the complex

The buildings were constructed at the time of the Ri Dynasty.[2][5]

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