Kadinjool Kalyanam

Kadinjool Kalyanam (transl. Maiden wedding) is a 1991 Indian Malayalam-language family drama film directed by Rajasenan and starring Jayaram, Urvashi and Innocent. The film marks the first collaboration of Rajasenan and Jayaram.

Kadinjool Kalyanam
Kadinjool Kalyanam.png
VCD Cover Designed
Directed byRajasenan
Produced byP. Vijayan
Written byReghunath Paleri
Music by:(Songs)Raveendran :(Background Music)Jonson
CinematographyRamachandra Babu
Edited byG. Murali
Distributed byCharangattu Relese
Release date
1991 September 26


Sudhakaran is a manager in an interstate bus office. He loves Ramani and they hope to marry when she finishes her studies. Sudhakaran's father, a palmist, reads Ramani's hand one day and predicts that a marriage between her and Sudhakaran will end in Sudhakaran's death. Ramani is heart broken but decides that she will not marry Sudhakaran. Sudhakaran is angry with his father for whom he has only contempt. Ramani marries another man and Sudhakaran becomes depressed.

Panikkar notices his favorite employee's state of mind and promises to find him a bride worthy of his respect and love. Sudhakaran though hesitant gives into the suggestion and marries Hridayakumari.

Hridayakumari, the new bride is a simple girl with the stubbornness and willfulness of a child. Her behaviour vexes Sudhakaran and his mother. They suspect she is mentally challenged. One thing leads to another and one day, Sudhakaran's accepts the telemarketing tactics of a contract killer and pays to get Hridayakumari killed. But afterwards, Sudhakaran forbids the contract killers to kill Hridayakumari as she was pregnant. The climax of the film reveals the characters' multi-dimensional natures.



The film had musical score composed by Raveendran.

  1. Manassil ninnum manassilekk -K J Yesudas


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