Kadanwari gas field

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Kadanwari Gas Field (Urdu: قادن واری گیس فیلڈ‎), located in the Middle Indus Basin of Pakistan, was discovered in 1989 and is currently operated by OMV Pakistan.

Mallah gas field
قادن واری گیس فیلڈ
Kadanwari gas field is located in Sindh
Kadanwari gas field
Kadanwari gas field is located in Pakistan
Kadanwari gas field
Location of Mallah gas field
قادن واری گیس فیلڈ
LocationKhairpur District
Coordinates27°7′46″N 69°13′36″E / 27.12944°N 69.22667°E / 27.12944; 69.22667Coordinates: 27°7′46″N 69°13′36″E / 27.12944°N 69.22667°E / 27.12944; 69.22667
OperatorENI Pakistan
PartnersOMV Pakistan (22.88%)
PPL (15.16%)
ENI Pakistan (23.68%)
Government Holdings Private Limited (22.50%)
Kuwait Foreign Petroleum Exploration Company (15.789%)
Field history
Start of developmentJuly 1994
Start of productionSeptember 1995 [1]
Current production of gas75×10^6 cu ft/d (2.1×10^6 m3/d)
Estimated oil in place0.26 million barrels (~35,000 t)
Estimated gas in place490×10^9 cu ft (14×10^9 m3)

OMV Pakistan took over the operator-ship of the Kadanwari Gas Processing Plant on 1 January 2003 from Lasmo, currently ENI. Kadanwari plant gas processing capacity has been enhanced to 6.6 million cubic metres (232 million cubic feet) per day at standard conditions [2]

Sui Southern Gas Company buys 990 to 1,220 thousand m3 (35 to 43 million cu ft) per day of gas from this Gas Field, while it has the capacity of supplying 1,700 thousand cubic metres (60 million cubic feet) per day of gas. [3]

It has an air link to Karachi via Kadanwari Airport.

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