KXOK-LD, virtual and UHF digital channel 31, is a low-powered Retro TV-affiliated television station serving Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, United States that is licensed to Enid.

Enid, Oklahoma
United States
ChannelsDigital: 31 (UHF)
Virtual: 31 (PSIP)
BrandingEnid's Outdoor Station
SloganTaking Enid Television Broadcasting into the Future
Affiliations31.1: Retro TV
31.2: Blank
31.3: Azteca America
OwnerME3 Communications Company
FoundedNovember 21, 1994
Former call signs
K32DZ (1994-2001)
KXOK-LP (2001-2009)
Pursuit Channel, America One
Technical information
Facility ID168420
ERP12.5 kW

The station is owned by the ME3 Communications Company of Oklahoma City, and managed by Jack Mills.[1]


The station was founded November 21, 1994, under the call sign K32DZ, by Media Manics Incorporated of Enid, and managed by Charles D. Pearson. Its call sign changed to KXOK-LP on November 23, 2001.[2] Rex Faulkner began managing the station in 2002.[3] In 2002, the station built a new studio in Oakwood Mall, where it produced a local newscast and held auctions. Ownership was officially transferred to Faulkner on January 22, 2004.[4] The station remained in Faulkner's ownership until his death in 2005,[5] and was managed by Dixie Meyer, executrix of the Estate of Rex Faulkner until its sale to ME3 Communications in 2007. On July 8, 2009, the station's call sign changed again to KXOK-LD.

In 2004, the station filed a lawsuit against the University Network[6] for breach of contract. The University Network filed a countersuit for copyright infringement.[7][8] The station had been broadcasting programming featuring Dr. Gene Scott since November 2002. Past programming has also included The Box, Horse TV, Americana Music Television, and The Sportsman Channel.

Digital channelsEdit

The station's digital signal is multiplexed:

Channel Video Aspect PSIP Short Name Programming[9]
31.1 480i 4:3 TVOK Retro TV
31.2 M-FOX Blank
31.3 Azteca Azteca America


Callsign Channel City of license
18 (PSIP)
Ponca City
K35JY-D 35 (UHF) Lamont
WQOS306-D 31 (UHF) Enid

Notable former staffEdit


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