KW Granite Club

The Kitchener-Waterloo Granite Curling Club (branded as the KW Granite Club) is a curling club on Seagram Drive in Waterloo, Ontario.

KW Granite Club
KW Granite Club 2021.jpg
Location99 Seagram Dr
Waterloo, Ontario, Canada
Club typeDedicated Ice
CCA regionCurlON Zone 12
Sheets of iceSix
Rock coloursRed and Yellow


The club was formed in 1927 as the Granite Club by the Athletic Association of Kitchener and Waterloo (AAKW), which was briefly called the Kitchener Curling Club. The club played on a five-sheet rink at 69 Agnes Street in Kitchener. The AAKW had been formed by members of the clubs located at the corners of Erb and Regina streets in Waterloo and Gaukel Street in Kitchener (previously Berlin). Curling had been played at those clubs since the 1880s. The club adopted the name "Granite Club" to appeal to more than just curling. Artificial ice was added in 1928.

In 1928, the Kitchener Tennis Club built five courts next to the club, and in 1931 the K-W Badminton Club added an addition. From 1941 to 1948 the K-W Skating Club also called the Granite home, until moving to the Waterloo Memorial Arena. Also in 1948, a Ladies section was added to the club.

On May 8, 1955 a fire caused by careless children destroyed half the building, gutting the badminton club and some of the curling facilities. Damages totalled at $200,000. The club rebuilt and remained on Agnes Street until moving to its present location Waterloo in 2003. The badminton club remained on Agnes Street.[1] The current Waterloo Park site of the Granite Club previously housed the K-W Skating Club before it relocated to RIM Park.[2] Called the "Rink in the Park", the Granite Club officially opened the building to the public on September 30, 2003, in time for the annual curling season.[3]

The club has hosted the 1980 World Junior Curling Championships, the 1969 and 1975 Canadian Mixed Curling Championship and the 2004 M&M Meat Shops Skins Game.[4] The club also hosts the annual KW Fall Classic World Curling Tour event.[5]

Provincial championsEdit

Year Event Skip Third Second Lead Record at Nationals
1930 Toronto Bonspiel[6] R. G. Hall L. L. Cooke Perry G. Hall J. B. English 5-4 (3rd)
1937 British Consols[7] Albert Dunker Irwin Huntington Arthur Lehnen Fred Hasenflug 2-7 (T7th)
1938 British Consols Bert Hall Percy Hall Ernie Parkes Campbell Seagram 4-5 (T5th)
1939 British Consols Bert Hall Percy Hall Ernie Parkes Campbell Seagram 9-1 (1st)
1940 British Consols Bert Hall Percy Hall Ernie Parkes Campbell Seagram 4-5 (T5th)
1941 British Consols Percy Hall Jack Lucas Arthur Lehnen William Henderson Jr. 7-2 (2nd)
1944 British Consols Percy Hall Bert Hall Arthur Lehnen William Henderson Jr. Cancelled due to World War II
1944 Men's Colts[8] Carl Asmussen
1945 British Consols Percy Hall Bert Hall Arthur Lehnen William Henderson Jr. Cancelled due to World War II
1946 British Consols Percy Hall Bert Hall Arthur Lehnen William Henderson Jr. 5-4 (T5th)
1948 Men's Colts
1950 British Consols Carl Asmussen Larry Shantz Cully Schmidt Ed Schultz 5-4 (T4th)
1957 Women's[9] Edna Teskey Jean Beardsley Veryl Finlay Anne Trussler N/A
1963 Women's Trophy Mary Gray Jean Price Arlene Steep Myrtle Shuh N/A
1967 Men's Senior Championship[10] Carl Asmussen Hal Frye Bill Clarke Doug Smith ?
1982 Women's Trophy Sue Laurin Laura Davis-Cook Gladys O'Hara Lynda Collins N/A
1986 Women's Trophy Laura Davis-Cook Gladys O'Hara Lynda MacRae Janet Wall N/A
1997 Men's Senior Championship Bob Turcotte Roy Weigand Bob Lichti Steve McDermot 12-0 (1st)
2000 Men's Colts Ron Mooibroek David Lynn Dean Palmer Travis Gambe N/A
2001 Men's Colts Ean MacDonald Steve Southern Gerry Lamont Rob Graham N/A
2004 Women's Masters[11] Wendy Simpson Ilse Hoffman Lorna Allen Glad O'Hara ?
2007 Women's Juniors[12] Hollie Nicol Laura Hickey Karen Sagle Hilary McDermott 7-5 (T5th)
2009 Men's Juniors[13] Bowie Abbis-Mills Scott McGregor Scott Hindle Terry Arnold 5-5 (T6th)
2009 Junior Mixed[14] Mark Kean Jaclyn Rivington Andrew Inouye Darrelle Johnson N/A
2010 4 Person Stick[15] Ed Ferguson Bryan Hawkins Ian Anderson David Cain N/A
2011 Women's Juniors Clancy Grandy Sarah Wilkes Laura Crocker Lynn Kreviazuk 5-7 (9th)
2013 Men's Colts Richard Krell Shane Konings Spencer Nuttall John Gabel N/A
2013 Men's Curling Club Championships[16] Brent Gray Brian Gray Anthony Silvestro Richard Krell 3-3 (T6th)
2014 Women's Juniors Molly Greenwood Amy Heitzner Carly Van Daele Emma Malfara 7-3 (4th)
2014 Men's Senior Championship Peter Mellor Jeff Thomson Rob Saunders Steve Foster 5-6 (T5th)
2017 Mixed Doubles[17] Nicole Westlund Stewart Tyler Stewart 1-6 (T26th)
2018 U21 Mixed Doubles Matthew Hall Riley Sandham N/A
2019 Men's Curling Club Championship Paul Moffatt Ben Shane John Gabel Kyle Forster 9-1 (1st)


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