Tomb KV32, located in the Valley of the Kings in Egypt, is the burial site of Tia'a, the wife of Amenhotep II and mother of Thutmose IV.

Burial site of Tia'a
KV32 is located in Egypt
Coordinates25°44′18.1″N 32°36′01.8″E / 25.738361°N 32.600500°E / 25.738361; 32.600500Coordinates: 25°44′18.1″N 32°36′01.8″E / 25.738361°N 32.600500°E / 25.738361; 32.600500
LocationEast Valley of the Kings
Excavated byVictor Loret
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The tomb was discovered in 1898 by Victor Loret. It is unfinished and undecorated, and runs back some 40 metres into the mountainside. A portion of it was penetrated by workmen digging the original burial chamber in the tomb of Siptah KV47.

KV32 has not yet been fully cleared or excavated, but work is underway by a team from the University of Basel's MISR Project.

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