Tomb KV18, located in the Valley of the Kings in Egypt, was intended for the burial of Pharaoh Ramesses X of the Twentieth Dynasty; however, because it was apparently abandoned while still incomplete and since no funerary equipment was ever found there, it is uncertain whether it was actually used for his burial.

Burial site of Ramesses X
KV18 is located in Egypt
Coordinates25°44′23.1″N 32°36′07.9″E / 25.739750°N 32.602194°E / 25.739750; 32.602194Coordinates: 25°44′23.1″N 32°36′07.9″E / 25.739750°N 32.602194°E / 25.739750; 32.602194
LocationEast Valley of the Kings
DiscoveredOpen in antiquity
Excavated byMISR Project (University of Basel)
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The tomb consists of an entryway and two sections of corridor separated by gates. The entryway was used by Howard Carter in the early 20th century as the site of the Valley's first electricity generator; he also had some of the corridor walls whitewashed. After penetrating the hillside for a distance of some 43 metres, it ends at the rock face into which a series of rough steps have been carved.

Very little is known about this tomb, and the final section of corridor was properly cleared of the voluminous flood débris filling it only recently.


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