KOS (Yugoslavia)

The Counterintelligence Service or KOS (Serbo-Croatian: Kontraobavještajna služba, Контраобавештајна служба; Slovene: Kontraobveščevalna služba; Macedonian: Контраразузнавачка служба) was the counterintelligence service of the Yugoslav People's Army (JNA) that existed from 1946 until the breakup of Yugoslavia in 1991. In 1992, the Security Administration continued its work in Serbia and Montenegro.

Founding and structureEdit

KOS was formed in 1946 as one of the remnants of the Department for Protection of the People (OZNA), with State Security Administration (UDBA) forming the second, civilian, component of the new security and intelligence structure of SFR Yugoslavia.


Most information is still scant due to its classification as military secret, but some can be traced in the media, especially during the Milošević tenure and the role played in the break-up of SFRY (e.g. Operation Labrador[1]).

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