KBTV-CD, virtual channel 8 (UHF digital channel 27), is a low-powered, Class A multicultural Independent television station in Sacramento, California, United States. The station is owned by HC2 Holdings. KBTV-CD is also available throughout the Central Valley on Comcast Xfinity channel 398.[3] It is owned by HC2 Holdings. KBTV-CD's transmitter is located in downtown Sacramento. The station broadcasts programs in various ethnic languages as well as programming from Shop LC (formerly Liquidation Channel) during the late-night hours.

Sacramento, California
United States
ChannelsDigital: 27 (UHF)
Virtual: 8 (PSIP)
SloganWhere cultures meet.
Subchannels8.1: Independent
8.2: OnTV4U
8.3: SBN
8.4: HSN2
8.5: HOT TV
8.6: Infomercials
8.7: QVC
OwnerHC2 Holdings
(HC2 LPTV Holdings, Inc.)
First air date
December 1994 (1994-12)[1]
Former call signs
K25EL (1992–1996)
KBTV-LP (1996–2005)
KBTV-CA (2005–2011)
SBN en Español (2015–2016)
Retro TV (2014–2016)
Liquidation Channel/Shop LC (2016–2017)
Rev'n (2014–2016)
WebsiteHC2 Broadcasting[2]


When KBTV-CD started broadcasting, it carried the Home Shopping Network.

In June 2013, KBTV-CD was slated to be sold to Landover 5 LLC as part of a larger deal involving 51 other low-power television stations;[4] the sale fell through in June 2016.[5] Mako Communications sold its stations, including KBTV-CD, to HC2 Holdings in 2017.[6]

Digital televisionEdit

Digital channelsEdit

The station's digital channel is multiplexed:

Channel Video Aspect PSIP Short Name Programming[7]
8.1 480i 4:3 Crssngs Main KBTV-CD programming / Crossings TV / Shop LC (12am-7am)[3]
8.3 16:9 SBN SBN
8.4 HSN2 HSN2
8.5 4:3 HOT-TV HOT TV
8.6 SHOP TV Infomercials
8.7 16:9 QVC QVC

Analog-to-digital conversionEdit

Since it was not a full-power station, its analog signal stayed on the air after the June 12, 2009 analog cutoff date but went off the air in December 2010. Its new digital signal then started broadcasting with a total of 4 channels, all in 4x3 standard-definition and stereo. Two additional channels were added in 2013 for a total of six. Another channel was added in 2014 for a total of seven.

Subchannel affiliationsEdit

A number of different networks have come and gone from KBTV's subchannels, the only one constantly remaining is Jimmy Swaggart's SonLife Broadcasting Network (currently on channel 8.3). The "History of TV" (HOT TV) network was dropped but returned after a few months (previously on channel 8.6, currently on channel 8.5). An infomercial network called "WizeBuys" used to be on channel 8.5, which later affiliated with Retro TV until April 2016 when Retro TV switched over to KSAO-LD, channel 49.2 (it was later dropped in 2018). A 24-hour feed of Liquidation Channel (now Shop LC) later aired on channel 8.5 until 2017 when HOT TV moved from channel 8.6. (Infomercials would later be restored to KBTV's schedule via the OnTV4U network on channel 8.2). Other networks that have aired on KBTV's subchannels in the past include Punch TV, Cubana de Television (which aired afterwards on sister station K04QR-D before being dropped in 2015), Telos and TheCoolTV (whose satellite feed was replaced by QVC, which then left KBTV after Ion Media Networks acquired the rights to air it and now airs on KSPX-TV, channel 29.5; TheCoolTV later aired on KSAO-LD, channel 49.2, but was dropped in 2016 for Retro TV; the channel would eventually shut down altogether). A channel called "Boraq Broadcasting Network" ran a "Coming Soon" screen but never launched; its space instead was taken by SBN.

Rev'n, an automotive oriented channel, debuted on channel 8.7 on December 1, 2014 as part of the network's launch and aired until April 21, 2016 when it switched over to KSAO, channel 49.5 (the channel was later dropped in 2018). The subchannel remained silent until 2017 when QVC was added. It is one of three TV stations in the Sacramento area that air QVC, the other two being KSPX, as mentioned, and KAHC-LD on channel 43.5. Both Rev'n and its sister channel, Retro TV, currently have no affiliate in the Sacramento television market.


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