KAvZ (Russian: Курганский автобусный завод (КАвЗ), romanizedKurgansky Avtobusny Zavod, lit.'Kurgan Bus Plant') is a bus manufacturer in Kurgan, KGN, Russia. The factory started producing buses in 1958, based on trucks from GAZ. During the 1990s, it assembled Ikarus buses for the Russian market. Now a subsidiary of GAZ, it specialises in producing small buses, in particular school buses.

Native name
ООО «Курганский автобусный завод»
FormerlyКурганский автобусный завод им. 60-летия Союза ССР
TypePrivate limited company
IndustryMechanical engineering
Founded1958 (1958)
Key people
Alexander Viktorovich Alsarayev, acting managing director
ProductsMiddle range buses
ServicesBus manufacturing
Number of employees
circa 600 (2013)
ParentGAZ Group Bus Division
Old KAVZ buses

KAvZ is a subsidiary of Russian Buses which is a subsidiary of GAZ Group. Starting in 2015, the GAZ Group has introduced a single brand for all its bus manufacturing subsidiaries, and newly manufactured vehicles now feature the deer badge of the GAZ company.[1]


Former company brand


  • KAvZ-4238 Aurora (2006–present)
  • KAvZ-4235 Aurora (2008–present)
  • KAvZ-4270 (2016–present)


  • KAvZ-651 (1958-1973)
  • KAvZ-663 (1961-1966)
  • KAvZ-685/3270/3271 (1971-1991)
  • KAvZ-3100 (1976)
  • KAvZ-49471 (1981-1985) -truckbus
  • KAvZ-4959 (1985) -truckbus
  • KAvZ-3275 (1991-1998)
  • KAvZ-3976 (1993-2007)
  • KAvZ-4229 (1998)
  • KAvZ-4224 (1998-2003) -truckbus
  • KAvZ-3244 (1998-2007)
  • KAvZ-39766 (2002-2008)
  • KAvZ-4239 (2008-2014)


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