KA Commuter Line Jakarta Kota–Tanjung Priok

KA Commuter Line Jakarta Kota–Tanjung Priok or the Tanjung Priok Line is a commuter rail line in Indonesia, operated by PT Kereta Commuter Indonesia. The line connects Jakarta Kota station in West Jakarta and Tanjung Priok station in North Jakarta. On maps and diagrams, the line is shown using the colour "pink" (    ). Covering a distance of only 15.37 kilometres, the pink line is the shortest line in the Jakarta Commuter Line system, and serves mostly as the connecting feeder line between Jakarta Kota station (red and blue line) and Kampung Bandan station (yellow line). The Pink Line traces its origins back to a railway line built from 1883–1885 during the Dutch colonial era, to connect the city of Jakarta to Tanjung Priok Port. It was also one of the earliest railway lines in Indonesia to be electrified starting from 1925.

Jakarta Kota–Tanjung Priok Line
KRL Tanjung Priok Line
KRL Icon Pink.svg
KFW K3 1 11 13 Tanjung Priok.jpg
Locally built INKA-Bombardier KfW i9000 used in pink line
TypeCommuter rail
SystemKRL Commuterline
LocaleWest Jakarta
Central Jakarta
North Jakarta
TerminiJakarta Kota
Tanjung Priok
Opened1885 (original)
1925 (electrified)
5 December 2011 (as 'Pink Line')
21 December 2015 (fully operated)
OwnerPT Kereta Api Indonesia
Operator(s)PT Kereta Commuter Indonesia
Depot(s)Jakarta Kota
Line length15.373 km (9.552 mi)
Track gauge1,067 mm (3 ft 6 in)
Route map

Jakarta Kota KRL Icon Red.svg KRL Icon Blue.svg Koridor 1 Transjakarta Koridor 12 Transjakarta
Red Line and Blue Line to Jayakarta
Yellow Line to Angke
Kampung Bandan KRL Icon Yellow.svg
Yellow Line to Rajawali
Jakarta Inner Ring Road
freight line to Pasoso
Tanjung Priok Koridor 10 Transjakarta
Note: Bold text indicates the train can
end the trip at the station.

Initially, Ancol was not opened at the time the line was fully operational. This station was finally used as a stop from June 25th, 2016[1]


The distance table of Commuterline stations.[2]

Station Distance (km) Transfers/ Notes Location
From previous


From Jakarta


Jakarta Kota 0.0     Terminal station.

Interchange station to    

 TransJakarta Corridor 1 (K1-20 Kota)

 TransJakarta Corridor 12 (K12-6 Kota)

West Jakarta Jakarta
Kampung Bandan 1.364 1.364   Interchange station to   North Jakarta
Ancol 2.185 3.549
Rajawali 3.629 7.178   Interchange station to   Central Jakarta
Tanjung Priok 8.195 15.373 Terminal station.

 TransJakarta Corridor 10 (K10-01 Tanjung Priok)

North Jakarta


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