K-5 (Kansas highway)

K-5 is a 24-mile-long (39 km) state highway in northeastern Kansas. Remaining completely in the Kansas City metropolitan area, it connects Leavenworth to Kansas City.

K-5 marker

Frontier Military Scenic Byway
Route information
Maintained by KDOT
Length24.072 mi[1] (38.740 km)
Major junctions
South end US-69 in Kansas City, Kansas
North end US-73 / K-7 in Leavenworth
CountiesWyandotte, Leavenworth
Highway system
  • Kansas State Highway System
K-5's eastern terminus at U.S. 69 in Kansas City.

Route descriptionEdit

K-5 begins on Sunshine Road at US-69 just south of the US 69 Missouri River Bridge. From there, it heads west until it turns off of Sunshine Rd. onto its own freeway alignment, which lasts for about two miles (3.2 km). It then merges onto Interstate 635 south, then follows Leavenworth Road west until it meets Interstate 435. K-5 merges onto northbound I-435, splitting off two exits later. After heading north on 97th Street, and turning onto Hutton Road, it then follows Wolcott Drive towards Lansing. Inside the Lansing area, it turns onto 8th Street, then onto Muncie Drive in Leavenworth. K-5 then ends at 4th Street (US-73/K-7) in Leavenworth.

K-5 mostly parallels the Missouri River for its entire run. The road's direction signs changed from west–east to north–south around 2010, although portions of it in Kansas City are still signed west–east.

In 2015, The Kansas state legislature passed Statute 68-1038, which designation the portion of K-5 between US-73/K-7 to I-435, then from I-435 to US-69, and southward on US-69 to the Oklahoma border, as the Frontier Military Scenic Byway.[2]


Originally, the portion of K-5 between I-635 and US-69 in Kansas was planned to be designated as I-635. The interstate was planned to head eastward from where it meets K-5 until it meets US-69, at which point it would turn northward and cross the Fairfax Bridge over the Missouri River. However, the plan was never carried out and the highway segment between I-635 and US-69 in the northern area of Kansas City was to be designated as K-6. In 1981, K-6 became part of K-5, when K-5 was moved off of Quindaro Boulevard.


LocationKansas City

Major intersectionsEdit

WyandotteKansas City0.0000.000  US-69 (7th Street Trafficway)Southern terminus; continues east as Sunshine Road
0.3330.536Sunshine Road west / McCormick Road northEast end of freeway section
0.8161.31310th StreetWestbound exit and eastbound entrance
1.7382.79718th Street
2.2423.608  I-635 northI-635 exit 8
2.4403.927  I-635 southWest end of freeway section; I-635 exit 7; access to I-635 south from K-5 east via 38th Street
11.00917.717  I-435 south / Leavenworth Road westI-435 exits 15A-B; orientation change between west/east and north/south; south end of freeway section
11.80919.00516Donahoo RoadExit number follows I-435
14.00522.539  I-435 northI-435 exit 18; north end of freeway section
LeavenworthLeavenworth24.07238.740   US-73 / K-7 (4th Street)Northern terminus; continues west as Muncie Road
1.000 mi = 1.609 km; 1.000 km = 0.621 mi


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