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K-23 is a 199.117-mile-long (320.448 km) south–north state highway in the U.S. State of Kansas. It starts as a continuation of Oklahoma State Highway 23 (SH-23) and it runs northward to U.S. Route 83 (US-83) and K-383 near Selden.

K-23 marker

Route information
Maintained by KDOT
Length199.117 mi (320.448 km)
Major junctions
South end SH-23 near Forgan, OK
North end US-83 / K-383 near Selden
CountiesMeade, Gray, Finney, Lane, Gove, Sheridan
Highway system
  • Kansas State Highway System


Route descriptionEdit

K-23 begins its northerly journey at the Kansas-Oklahoma state line northwest of Forgan, Oklahoma, picking up northbound traffic from Oklahoma Highway 23. It traverses flat land with a few hills, passing near Meade Lake, then intersects U.S. Routes 54 and 160 in downtown Meade. After leaving Meade, it starts to traverse rolling hills until K-98, where the road levels out. K-23 intersects U.S. Route 56 on its way to Cimarron, where it junctions U.S. Routes 50 and 400. North of Cimarron, the route alternates between flat and hilly land through farmland. North of Cimarron, the route overlaps K-156 for five miles. After leaving K-156, the highway turns back north, levels out and heads toward Dighton, the only city in Lane County. There it intersects K-96. North of Dighton the route intersects K-4, and the two routes briefly run concurrent. After leaving K-4, it travels north to Gove City, and continues to Grainfield, where it intersects I-70 and U.S. Route 40, where the three routes overlap for two miles before K-23 turns north again. North of Grainfield, rolling hills alternate with the flatter land. In Hoxie, U.S. Route 24 is intersected. North of Hoxie, the road intersects K-123, turns west, then intersects K-223. K-23 continues west until its northern terminus at U.S. Route 83 and K-383.

Major intersectionsEdit

Meade0.0000.000  SH-23Continuation into Oklahoma
Meade26.47442.606   US-54 / US-160
33.55754.005  K-98 eastWestern terminus of K-98
Gray50.13080.676  US-56
Cimarron62.622100.780   US-50 / US-400
Finney80.207129.081  K-156 eastSouthern end of concurrency with K-156
86.187138.705  K-156 westNorthern end of concurrency with K-156
LaneDighton115.372185.673  K-96
Shields124.336200.099  K-4 eastSouthern end of concurrency with K-4
126.352203.344  K-4 westNorthern end of concurrency with K-4
Gove160.927258.987   I-70 / US-40 – OakleyI-70 exit 93
  K-23 Alt. north
Southern terminus of K-23 Alt.
    K-23 Spur to I-70 / US-40 – WaKeeney
  K-23 Alt. south
Northern terminus of K-23 Alt.
SheridanHoxie180.300290.165  US-24
193.774311.849   K-123 north to K-9 eastSouthern terminus of K-123
194.815313.524  K-223 northSouthern terminus of K-223
199.117320.448   K-383 north / US-83Northern terminus; road continues as US-83 north
1.000 mi = 1.609 km; 1.000 km = 0.621 mi

Related routesEdit

K-23 AlternateEdit



K-23 Alternate
Length1.828 mi[1] (2.942 km)

K-23 Alternate starts at the intersection of K-23 and Main Street in Grainfield. K-23 Alternate heads north through the town along Main Street. Just north of the city limits, the route turns to the east and ends at the mainline K-23.

K-23 SpurEdit



K-23 Spur
LocationNear Grainfield
Length0.30 mi[2] (0.48 km)

K-23 Spur is a 0.3-mile-long (0.48 km) connection between K-23 and I-70 / US 40 near Grainfield.


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