Kōrakuen Station

Kōrakuen Station (後楽園駅, Kōrakuen-eki) is a subway train station in Bunkyō, Tokyo, Japan, operated by the Tokyo subway operator Tokyo Metro. It is directly connected by an underground pedestrian passage to the Toei-operated Kasuga Station. It is integrated with the Tokyo Dome City complex and the Bunkyō ward capitol building.

M22 N11
Korakuen Station

Korakuen Sta 20060304.JPG
Korakuen Station exterior, March 2006
Location1-2-3 Kasuga, Bunkyō, Tokyo
Operated byTokyo Metro logo.svg Tokyo Metro
ConnectionsI12 E07 Kasuga Station
Other information
Station codeM-22, N-11
Preceding station   Tokyo Metro   Following station
toward Ikebukuro
Marunouchi Line
toward Ogikubo or Hōnanchō
toward Meguro
Namboku Line


Kōrakuen Station is served by the following lines:

Nearby Kasuga Station, connected by a pedestrian passageway, is served by the following lines.


The Marunouchi Line platforms (1 to 2) consist of two side platforms serving two tracks on the second-floor ("2F") level, and the Namboku Line platforms (3 to 4) consist of an island platform serving two deep-level tracks on the sixth basement ("B6F") level.


1 M Tokyo Metro Marunouchi Line for Tokyo and Ogikubo
2 M Tokyo Metro Marunouchi Line for Ikebukuro
3 N Tokyo Metro Namboku Line for Komagome and Akabane-iwabuchi
SR Saitama Stadium Line for Urawa-misono
4 N Tokyo Metro Namboku Line for Shirokane-takanawa and Meguro
MG Musashi-kosugi and Hiyoshi

From March 2015, the Namboku Line platforms use the tune "Take Me Out to the Ball Game" as the departure melody, chosen as the nearby Tokyo Dome is used for baseball games.[1]


Kōrakuen Station opened on 20 January 1954 on the Marunouchi Line.[2] The Namboku Line platforms opened on 26 March 1996.[2]

From 13 March 2015, the tune "Take Me Out to the Ball Game" was used as the departure melody for the Namboku Line platforms.[1]

Surrounding areaEdit

Bunkyo Ward Office building


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