Juzefs Petkēvičs

Juzefs Petkēvičs (Polish: Józef Pietkiewicz, Russian: Ю́зеф Изодо́рович Петке́вич; born 19 December 1940, Riga) is a Latvian chess Grandmaster of Polish origin.

Juzefs Petkēvičs
Full nameJuzefs Petkēvičs
Country Soviet Union
Born19 December 1940
Riga, Latvian SSR
Soviet Union
World ChampionWorld Senior Champion, 2002

Born into a Polish family (his uncle was a Catholic bishop),[1] he came first in the Riga Championship of 1967, winning all thirteen games.[2] He tied for 1st-3rd at Pärnu 1967. He thrice shared 1st in Latvian Chess Championship (1969, 1974, 1985).[3][4]

Petkēvičs played for Latvia in Chess Olympiads:

He won the 12th World Senior Chess Championship at Naumburg 2002.[6]

Petkēvičs was awarded the International Master (IM) title in 1980, and the GM title in 2002.


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