Jutland Division

The Jutland Division (Jyske Divisionskommando) was a mechanized infantry formation of the Danish Army during the Cold War. It was formed during 1951-1952 as 3rd Division from assets of the III Military Region and the division headquarters was initially located in Aabenraa. As initially formed, the division had only one active brigade (1st Brigade) and two reserve brigades (the 2nd and 3rd Brigades).[1] The division changed its name to "Jutland Division" in 1961. In 1975, the division headquarters was moved to Fredericia and the 2nd and 3rd Brigades received full equipment sets. By 1979, each brigade was made up of two mechanized infantry battalion, a tank battalion, a self-propelled artillery battalion, and an armored reconnaissance squadron (company).[2] In 1981 the three armored reconnaissance squadron was merged into V/JDR Reconnaissance Battalion.

Jutland Division
Coat of arms for Danish Division.svg
Active1 Jun 1952 - 31 Dec 1996
RoleMechanized infantry
Part ofAllied Forces Baltic Approaches
Western Regional Command

In the event of war with the Soviet Union, the division would have defended Jutland against Soviet thrusts intended to sever Denmark from the rest of NATO. The division was part of the LANDJUT command and ultimately subordinated to NATO's AFNORTH command. With the end of the Cold War, the Danish Army reorganized, and the Jutland Division transformed into the Danish Division on January 1, 1997.


The division in the 1980s before it changed to Danish Division 1st of January 1997.

Jutland Division (HQ Fredericia)

  •   3rd Signal Battalion (support and run Division HQ)
  •   1st Jyske Brigade (HQ Fredericia)
    • 1st Staff Company/KJFR,
    • I/FLR MechInfantery Battalion
    • II/PLR MechInfantery Battalion
    • I/JDR Armoured Battalion
    • 6th Artillery Battalion/NJAR (Armoured/Selfpropelled)
    • 1st Armoured Engineer Company
    • 7th Logistic Battalion
    • 1st MP detachment
  •   2nd Jyske Brigade (HQ Skive)
    • 2nd Staff Company/NJAR
    • I/DRLR MechInfantery Battalion
    • II/DRLR MechInfantery Battalion
    • II/JDR Armoured Battalion
    • 3rd Artillery Battalion/NJAR (Armoured/Selfpropelled)
    • 2nd Armoured Engineer Company
    • 5th Logistic Battalion
    • 2nd MP detachment
  •   3rd Jyske Brigade (HQ Haderslev)
    • 3rd Staff Company/SLFR
    • I/PLR MechInfantery Battalion
    • I/KJFR MechInfantery Battalion
    • III/JDR Armoured Battalion
    • 7th Artillery Battalion/SJAR (Armoured/Selfpropelled)
    • 3rd Armoured Engineer Company
    • 4th Logistic Battalion
    • 3rd MP detachment
  •   V/JDR Reconnaissance Battalion (Armoured)
  •   VI/JDR Anti-tank Battalion
  •   IV/FLR Motorized infantry Battalion
  •   Patrol Company/DRLR (Long Range/Light Reconnaissance)
  •   Division Artillery (HQ Skive)
    • Staff&Target-Acquisition Battery/NJAR
    • 23rd Artillery Battalions/NJAR (towed)
    • 24th Artillery Battalions/SJAR (towed)
    • 18th Havey Battery/NJAR (Towed)
    • 19th Havey Battery/NJAR (Towed)
  •   14th Anti-aircraft rocket Battalion/SJAR
  •   3rd Engineering Battalion
  •   3rd Electronic Warfare Company
  •   3rd Logistic Support Battalion
  •   10th Supply Battalion
  •   Transport Company (Heavy transport)
  •   2nd Military Police Company


3. Division 3rd Division 1952 1961
Jyske Divisionskommando Jutland Divisional Command 1961 1985
Jyske Division Jutland Division 1985 1997


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