Justin Flom

Justin Flom (born April 29, 1986)[1] is an American magician. He is best known for his YouTube series and television show Wizard Wars in which he performs magic with ordinary objects.[2][3] Along with his video and television work, he performs live with either his own touring show or opening for music acts in large venues.[4]

Justin Flom
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Justin Flom

(1986-04-29) April 29, 1986 (age 34)
Other namesJFlo
Years active2005-Present
Known forCard Hit Wonder, Wizard Wars
Spouse(s)Jocelynn Flom
RelativesJosh Flom, Janelle Flom

Early lifeEdit

Born in Edina, Minnesota , Flom was raised in a family of magicians (his father and uncle were practicing magicians). He has two brothers and a sister. Flom started doing magic at an early age with his siblings. He was homeschooled.[5]


Branson, Missouri, 2005-2009Edit

In 2005 Justin skipped college and instead took his show to The Branson Mall Music Theatre in Branson, Missouri[1] where he was the youngest headliner on the strip.[6] He built above the Majestic Steak House, The Imaginary Theatre and Magic Parlor, which opened July 1, 2006[1] In 2011, wanting to make more magic videos online, he began working on new tricks.[5]

YouTube 2012-2013Edit

Justin’s Magic Block Party, filmed in Eden Prairie summer of 2012, caught the eye of Ellen DeGeneres and she put him on The Ellen DeGeneres Show.[6][7] He then became a regular guest on her show.[8] Flom was named Best Up and Coming Entertainer of the Year by Las Vegas Weekly.[9]

Creators of Wizard Wars Rick Lax and Justin Flom with fellow Wizard Angela Funovitz on set.


In 2014, James Galea formed the Band of Magicians with Justin Flom, Justin Willman, and Nate Staniforth.[2][10]

In 2014, Syfy Television network filmed a new show, Wizard Wars, starring Justin Flom along with Penn and Teller and several other magicians competing to create magic out of ordinary objects on the spot.[3][11] Justin is also an associate producer of Wizard Wars[12] and the show is based on an idea of Rick Lax's from Justin's YouTube channel.[13] Justin is lead Wizard on the series. Over a million people watched the Wizard Wars series premiere.[14] The episode highlighted Canadian illusionists Chris Funk and Ekaterina, who ended up losing the "Wizard War" to Justin.


Justin played a part in a WWE storyline on Smackdown showing magic to the superstars backstage and smashing an egg on the face of The Miz, further adding to the rift between him and Mizdow (also known as Damien Sandow). Justin was on promoting the new season of Wizard Wars which followed that January 29, 2015 episode of Smackdown.[15]

Justin Flom, the first magician to perform close up magic at Madison Square Garden in New York City.

In 2015, Justin opened for country music group Florida Georgia Line on their arena tour.[4]

Most of Flom's time is spent making YouTube and Snapchat videos while performing live magic around the United States. His wife, Jocelynn Flom, films all the videos while Justin personally edits the footage.[16] Justin has over 100,000 YouTube subscribers and BuzzFeed placed him in the top 10 Snapchatters to follow.[17]


2018 opened with Flom's online videos reaching new levels of share-ability with Sawing a Baby in Half, in which he performed the classic "sawing a lady in half" but with his 4-month-old daughter, and with various other magic effects all exceeding 100 million views.[18] Justin was a contestant on The World's Best where he advanced to the champion rounds.

Personal lifeEdit

Justin married Jocelynn Sharp in 2009. The couple then moved to Las Vegas to partner with top magic creators.[6][16]


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