Just Ask for Diamond

Just Ask for Diamond, alternatively titled Diamond's Edge, is a 1988 British comedy crime film directed by Stephen Bayly and starring Colin Dale, Saeed Jaffrey and Dursley McLinden.[1] It is based on The Falcon's Malteser (1986), the first book of The Diamond Brothers series written by Anthony Horowitz.[2]

Just Ask for Diamond
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Directed byStephen Bayly
Produced byLinda James
Screenplay byAnthony Horowitz
Story byAnthony Horowitz
Music byTrevor Jones
CinematographyBilly Williams
Edited byScott Thomas
Distributed by20th Century Fox
Release date
September 1988
Running time
90 minutes
CountryUnited Kingdom

Plot summaryEdit

A pair of brothers are paid to take care of a confectionery box, but soon come under pressure from various people seeking its contents.

Nick Simple Diamond is more like the brains than his detective brother Herbert Simple, aka Tim Diamond, inc. Because when a dwarf enters with a secret package, nearly all the crooks in England are out to get Tim and Nick, and just because of a confectionary package. Nick and Tim soon break their promise to the dwarf, and open the secret package. Soon they find out that the secret package actually is a box of malteasers. Belonging to an international criminal named Henry von Falkenberg, or The Falcon, a secret opening a very precious treasure belonging to the dead criminal.

Later, the dwarf is found dead, and Tim is blamed for it. Nick spends time in jail with him, and they join old chief Inspectors Snape and Boyle. Soon they are threatened by criminals, sent to jail, wanted for murder, wanted for disturbance, nearly killed, kidnapped, given concrete trainers, bullied by punk criminals and invited by women who keep crocodiles for pets. If all these criminals are after a small box of chocolates, this must mean that it is a serious mystery the two have to solve, and this should be a case for Tim Diamond, but is it just him, or his is it his kid brother's help with succession, and together will the Diamond Brothers solve a crime that is tougher than thought?



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