A drawing of a jussishirt

The jussishirt (Finnish: jussipaita) is a traditional Finnish sweater used specially in Southern Ostrobothnia. The sweater is normally grey and on the bodice there is a wine red diamond patterning. Jussi is a Finnish masculine given name.

The jussishirt is seen as a symbol of the Finnish speaking Ostrobothnia though its roots belong to knitting history of the Swedish speaking coast. There are several diverse theories about how the jussishirt was born. The main theory is that it was developed from traditional Ostrobothnian sweater in 1925 for a movie called "Pohjalaisia", which can be translated as "Ostrobothnians".

Nowadays, the jussishirt symbolizes the stamina, diligence, honesty, integrity and even the insanity and bravado of Southern Ostrobothnia people. It has been made known by for example The Dudesons. Jussishirts are also mentioned in the song "Pieni Hiace" by Jope Ruonansuu.

Anttishirt (Finnish: anttipaita), after Finnish masculine name Antti, is a shirt where wine red is replaced by blue.