Juno Award for World Music Album of the Year

The Juno Award for "World Music Album of the Year" has been awarded since 1992, as recognition each year for the best world music album in Canada. It has been known as other names including "Best World Beat Recording" and "Best Global Album".[1]


Best World Beat Recording (1992 - 1993)Edit

Year Winner Album Nominees Ref.
1992 Various Artists (Billy Bryans, producer) The Gathering
1993 Jane Bunnett Spirits of Havana

Best Global Recording (1994 - 1995)Edit

Year Winner Album Nominees Ref.
1994 Ancient Cultures El Camino Real
1995 Eval Manigat Africa +

Best Global Album (1996 - 2002)Edit

Year Winner Album Nominees Ref.
1996 Takadja Music From Africa
1997 Paulo Ramos Group Africa Do Brasil
1998 Lhasa La Llorona
1999 Alpha Yaya Diallo The Message
2000 Madagascar Slim Omnisource
2001 Jane Bunnett and the Spirits of Havana Ritmo + Soul
2002 Alpha Yaya Diallo The Journey

World Music Album of the Year (2003 - Present)Edit

Year Winner Album Nominees Ref.
2003 Jeszcze Raz Balagane
2004 Kiran Ahluwalia Beyond Boundaries
2005 Mighty Popo, Madagascar Slim, Donné Robert, Alpha Yaya Diallo, Adam Solomon, Pa Joe African Guitar Summit
2006 Alex Cuba Humo De Tabaco
2007 Lubo Alexandrov Kaba Horo
2008 Alex Cuba Agua del Pozo
2009 Jayme Stone and Mansa Sissoko Africa to Appalachia
2010 Dominic Mancuso Comfortably Mine
2011 Élage Diouf Aksil
2012 Kiran Ahluwalia Aam Zameen: Common Ground
2013 Lorraine Klaasen Tribute to Miriam Makeba
2014 David Buchbinder & Odessa/Havana Walk to the Sea
2015 Quique Escamilla 500 Years of Night
2016 Boogat Neo-Reconquista
2017 Okavango African Orchestra Okavango African Orchestra
2018 Kobo Town When the Galleon Sank
2019 Wesli Rapadou Kreyol [2]
2020 TBA [3]


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