Junior Tour of Wales

The Junior Tour of Wales is an annual cycle race for junior male riders, held around Brynmawr, Blaenau Gwent, Wales. First held in 1981, the race is the final round of the British Cycling Junior Road Series - and as such attracts the best junior racing cyclists from across the UK, as well as elite international junior teams from across Europe and beyond. From 1981 until 1993 the race consisted of three stages held over two days. In 1993 it was expanded to three days and held on the August Bank Holiday for the first time. In 2017 it switched to a four-day format. In recent years the race's final stage has finished on the Tumble: this climb often decides the winner of the race.[1]

Junior Tour of Wales
Race details
DateAugust bank holiday
RegionBlaenau Gwent, Wales
English nameJunior Tour of Wales
DisciplineJunior male Road race
TypeFour day 5 stage road race
OrganiserJohn Richards(29 years) Talbot Thrush (5 years) Richard Hopkins 2015 on.
Web sitewww.juniortourofwales.com Edit this at Wikidata
First edition1981 (1981)
Editions39 (as of 2019)
Most recent Lewis Askey (ENG)

Steve Jones and Eddie Smart were regular helpers at the Junior Tour of Wales, following their death in a car accident, organizer John Richards introduced a shield to be awarded in their honour for the best Welsh rider.[2][3]

In 2009, Jeff Banks became patron of the Junior Tour of Wales, to be succeeded in 2012 by Geraint Thomas. The headquarters moved 2014 from Nantyglo Leisure Centre to Brynmawr Foundation School following the closure of the former.


General classificationEdit

Year 1st 2nd 3rd
1981 Results missing
1982 Not Held
1983 Results missing
1984   Gary Brooks   L Clarke
1981   C Roach
1981 Results missing
1986   Tim Warriner   Chris Taudevin   Tim Ward
1987   Matthew Stephens   Richard Jones   Robert Langley
1988   Matthew Stephens   Paul Altridge   Lee Davis
1989   Steve Whittington   Victor Slinn
1990   Ken Stewart   Danny Smith   Bill Moore
1991   Roger Hammond   Ken Stewart   = Gavin Pardoe
  = Rob Lyne
1992   Ken Stewart   Alex Arch   Richard Montgomery
1993   Danny Axford   Ian Mountain   Anthony Malarczyk
1994   Richard Hobby   David Millar   Danny Moore
1995   Charly Wegelius   Tom Barras   Neil Ellison
1996   Ross Muir   Steve Joseph   Tom Newton
1997   Dave Clarke   Kristian House   Neil Swithenbank
1998   Anthony Spencer   Ryan Smith   Gerben van der Reep
1999   Johan Vansummeren   Arne Kornekoor   James Flanagan
2000   Alex Coutts   Lewys Hobbs   Andrew Allen
2001   Alex Coutts   Marcel Lambrecht   Chris Penketh
2002   Marcel Lamberts   Adam Illingworth   Craig Cooke
2003   David Smith   Ryan Bonser   Mark Cassidy
2004   Dan Martin   Geraint Thomas   Martin Monroe
2005   Alex Dowsett   Edvald Boasson Hagen   Alex Atkins
2006   Tom Diggle   Peter Kennaugh   Alex Dowsett
2007   Johnny McEvoy   Erick Rowsell   Peter Kennaugh
2008   Erick Rowsell   Johan Fredrik Ziesler   Joe Perrett
2009   Tim Kennaugh   Sam Harrison   Joshua Edmondson
2010   Dan McLay   Sam Harrison   Joshua Edmondson
2011   Brennan Townshend   Matthew Holmes   Luke Grivell-Mellor
2012   Hugh Carthy   Will Stephenson   Ed Laverack
2013   Scott Davies   Sam Oomen   James Knox
2014   Eddie Dunbar   Alexander Braybrooke   Matthew Gibson
2015   Nathan Draper   Max Williamson   Joey Walker
2016   Fred Wright   Ethan Hayter   Jake Stewart
2017   Tom Pidcock   Ben Healy   Fred Wright
2018   Ben Tulett   Leo Hayter   Archie Ryan
2019   Lewis Askey   George Mills-Keeling   Drew Christensen

Points classificationEdit

Year 1st 2nd 3rd
1999   Ronald Schur   Anthony Spencer   Iain Redpath
2000   Iain Redpath   James Bell   Mark Baker
2001   Martin Quill   Ben Clark   Stefan de Kok
2002   Matt Brammeier   Peter Johnston   Mark Cavendish
2003   Ryan Bonser   David Smith   Ben Crawforth
2004   Peter Williams   Geraint Thomas   Rob Blunden
2005   Martin Lundberg   Alex Dowsett   Chris Opie
2006   Matt Rowe   Adam Blythe   Jonathan Bellis
2007   Luke Rowe   Ben Plain   Sam Webster
2008   Mark Christian   Eliot Letaer   Erick Rowsell
2009   Jon Mould   Joshua Edmondson   Tim Kennaugh
2010   Owain Doull   Conor Dunne   Dan McLay
2011   Ali Slater   Jonathan Dibben   Jim Lewis
2012   Sam Lowe   Chris Lawless   Ed Laverack
2013   Jacob Scott   Eddie Dunbar   Leon Mazzone
2014   Joe Holt   Leon Mazzone   Matthew Gibson
2015   Joe Holt   Etienne Georgi   Robert Scott
2016   Matthew Walls   Ethan Hayter   Charlie Quarterman
2017   Rhys Britton   Joe Hill   John Buller
2018   Ethan Vernon   Ben Healy   Bailey O'Donnell
2019   Alfred George   Samuel Watson   James Harrison

King of the MountainsEdit

Year 1st 2nd 3rd
1999   James Flanagan   Johan Vansummeren   Peter van den Berg
2000   Lewys Hobbs   David Heaven   Alex Coutts
2001   Erik van Bekkum   Bart Kerkdijk   Alex Coutts
2002   Adam Illingworth   Nicholas Roche   Marcel Lamberts
2003   David Smith   Ryan Bonser   Dan Martin
2004   Peter Williams   Geraint Thomas   Martin Monroe
2005   Alex Dowsett   Edvald Boasson Hagen   Martin Lundberg
2006   Alex Dowsett   Jonathan Bellis   Luke Rowe
2007   Peter Kennaugh   Johnny McEvoy   Erick Rowsell
2008   Mark Christian   Tosh Vandersande   Joe Perrett
2009   Joe Perret   Sam Harrison   Joshua Edmondson
2010   Joshua Edmondson   Simon Yates   Matt Hill
2011   Matthew Holmes   Luke Grivell-Mellor   Brennan Townshend
2012   Hugh Carthy   Chris Lawless   Will Stephenson
2013   James Knox   Scott Davies   Sam Oomen
2014   Ben Chapman   Eddie Dunbar   Dan Gardner
2015   Darragh O'Mahony   Alfie Moses   Joey Walker
2016   Charlie Quarterman   Mark Donovan   Tom Pidcock
2017   Fred Wright   Tom Pidcock   Ben Healy
2018   Harrison Wood   Mason Hollyman   Alfred George
2019   Thomas Gloag   Lewis Askey   Samuel Watson

Team classificationEdit

Year 1st 2nd 3rd
1999   District Suid-Holland   South East Midlands Division   North Limberg
2000   Scotland   Wales   West Thames A
2001   WV Dommelstreek   Team South West   West Midlands Division
2003   Scotland   BC North Western Division   Ireland
2004   Ireland   Dataphonics RT   Wales A
2005   Glendene CC   Norway   Kinesis UK
2006   Glendene CC   Kinesis UK   Merlin Development
2007   Glendene CC / Bike Trax   Wales   In Gear Development
2008   Avia Cycling Team   Nymark Cycling Team   Glendene / Bike Trax A
2009   Glendene CC / Bike Trax   Ireland   Wales
2010   Glendene CC/Ridley/Vitesse/OCE   Herbal Life/Wheelbase   Maxgear RT
2011   Hargroves Cycles/Specialised/Trant   Yorkshire   Team South West
2012   Wales   Sportscover Altura RT   Team De Ver/Stevens/Mosquito/Prestige
2013   TWC Pijnenburg   Team De Ver   RST Racing Team
2014   Sensa Munster   HARIBO Beacon Cycling Team   Velocity WD-40
2015   RST Racing Team   Giant Cycling Club - Halo Films   HMT Academy with JLT Condor
2016   VCUK-PH-MAS   VC Londres   HMT Academy with JLT Condor
2017   Zappi Racing Team   VC Londres   East Midlands Region
2018   NRPT - Chill.ie   East Midlands Region   PH-MAS/Paul Milnes Cycles[4]
2019   VC Londres   Fensham Howes - MAS Design   Spokes Racing[5]


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