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Junior Champion Stakes (Gravesend)

The Junior Champion Stakes was a race for two-year-old Thoroughbred horses at Gravesend Race Track in Gravesend, on Coney Island, New York State. The September 18, 1909 edition of the Daily Racing Form stated that for a number of years it had been one of the East Coast's most important and valuable stakes for two-year-olds.[1]

Junior Champion Stakes
Discontinued stakes race
LocationGravesend Race Track, Gravesend, New York, USA
Race typeThoroughbred - Flat racing
Race information
Distanceabout 6 furlongs

Among the race winners, Mesmerist was chosen the 1899 American Champion Two-Year-Old Male Horse as was Commando (1900), Highball (1903), Sysonby (1904) and Salvidere in 1906.[2] [3] [4]


In 1908, the administration of Republican Governor Charles Evans Hughes signed into law the Hart-Agnew bill that effectively banned all racetrack wagering in New York State. A 1910 amendment to the legislation added further restrictions that meant by 1911 all racetracks in the state ceased operations. Although the law was repealed in time to resume racing in 1913, the Gravesend Race Track never reopened.[5] In 1923, a new Junior Champion Stakes, later renamed the Cowdin Stakes, was inaugurated at Aqueduct Racetrack in South Ozone Park neighborhood in Queens, New York City.[6]


Speed record:

  • 1:09.00 at 6 F ± - Suffragette (1908)
  • 1:13.80 at 6 F - Commando (1900)

Most wins by a jockey:

Most wins by a trainer:

Most wins by an owner:


DRF history of the Junior Champion Stakes, 1898-1908[7]

1908 Suffragette Joe Notter James G. Rowe Sr. James G. Rowe Sr. 6 F ± 1:09.00 $2,250
1907 Celt Walter Miller James G. Rowe Sr. James R. Keene 6 F ± 1:10.00 $5,425
1906 Salvidere Walter Miller John E. Madden Thomas Hitchcock Sr. 6 F ± 1:10.80 $13,475
1905 Pegasus Lucien Lyne John W. Rogers Harry Payne Whitney 6 F ± 1:10.40 $11,775
1904 Sysonby Arthur Redfern James G. Rowe Sr. James R. Keene 6 F ± 1:09.60 $6,010
1903 Highball Grover Fuller John W. May Walter M. Shiftel & John W. May 6 F ± 1:10.40 $12,760
1902 Acefull Harry Cochran John E. Madden W. C. Whitney & H. B. Duryea 6 F ± 1:09.40 $13,425
1901 Goldsmith Nash Turner John W. Rogers W. C. Whitney 6 F ± 1:11.20 $12,650
1900 Commando Henry Spencer James G. Rowe Sr. James R. Keene 6 F 1:13.80 $10,510
1899 Mesmerist Winfield O'Connor Julius J. Bauer Bromley & Co. 6 F 1:15.00 $18,320
1898 Armament Danny Maher Walter C. Rollins Oneck Stable 6 F 1:14.25 $9,600


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