Jungle Scout (company)

Jungle Scout is an American company providing SaaS-based tools for search and market analytics, inventory management, and sales intelligence for companies selling in online marketplaces.[3]

Jungle Scout
IndustryE-commerce, software services
FoundedFebruary 2015
FounderGreg Mercer
Number of employees
ParentJS Operating Company[2]



Jungle Scout was started in 2015 by Greg Mercer. The company initially sold search optimizing tools to sellers solely on Amazon.[3] Jungle Scout advertises management of e-commerce businesses.[1] The company was recognized as the "Best Startup Employers" in 2021 by Forbes magazine.[4]

The company established its headquarters in Austin, Texas in 2018 and has offices in Vancouver, British Columbia, and Shenzhen, China.[5]



Jungle Scout acquired "Forecastly", a predictive analytics and demand forecasting tool for Amazon sellers, in 2018.[2] In March 2021, Jungle Scout raised $110 million in growth capital led by Summit Partners, part of which was used to acquire Seattle-based Downstream Impact, a company specializing in Amazon advertising technology.[3]



Jungle Scout processes data from more than 500 million Amazon products.[1] Its database tracks products from the Amazon catalog and the sales history of a product.[6][7] The company also conducts research to provide insights on Amazon sellers,[8] user buying preferences, behavior,[9] global imports,[10] and other merchandise.[11][12]

Jungle Scout can help assess market demand,[13] identify valuable keywords, locate profitable suppliers, track competitors' pricing strategies and much more.[14] By leveraging Jungle Scout's feature set, businesses of any size can access the resources needed to succeed in this rapidly changing digital landscape.


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