The Jungle Party (Persian: حزب جنگل, romanizedḤezb-e Jangal; also translated Forest Party)[4] was a secessionist[6] party active in northern Iran during 1940s. The party was founded by armed rebels[7] and some of Mirza Kuchik Khan's old associates[1] who tried to revive the Persian Socialist Soviet Republic created in 1921[2] and used its red flag as a symbol.[8] It allied with the Iran Party, Tudeh Party of Iran, Democratic Party of Iranian Kurdistan and Azerbaijani Democratic Party in 1946.[9]

Jungle Party
SecretaryEbrahim Rezazadeh Fakhraei[1]
Foundedlate 1941[2]
HeadquartersRasht, Gilan, Iran[4]
Left-wing nationalism[3]
Political positionLeft-wing[3]
National affiliationUnited Front of Progressive Parties[5]
Party flag

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