Jungbu Naeryuk Expressway

The Jungbu Naeryuk Expressway (Korean중부내륙고속도로; literally meaning Central Inland Expwy.) is an expressway in South Korea. Numbered 45, it was first constructed in three parts: connecting Yeoju to Chungju and Sangju to Gimcheon and Hyeonpung to Masan. The part of the expressway between Chungju and Sangju was completed at the end of 2004, with the last remaining section being that between Gimcheon and Hyeonpung. The Jungbu Naeryuk Expressway Branch Line (a.k.a. Guma Expressway) is route number 451 and connects Hyeonpung to N. Daegu.

Expressway No.45 shield}}
Expressway No.45
Jungbu Naeryuk Expressway
Route information
Length301.77 km (187.51 mi)
Major junctions
South endNaeseo IC in Changwon, Gyeongsangnam-do
Korea Expressway No.102.svg Namhae Expressway Branch Line
Major intersectionsKorea Expressway No.1.svg Gyeongbu Expressway( AH1)
Korea Expressway No.30.svg Dangjn–Yeongdeok Expressway
Korea Expressway No.40.svg Pyeongtaek–Jecheon Expressway
Korea Expressway No.50.svg Yeongdong Expressway
North endChasan JC in Namyangju, Gyeonggi-do
Korea Expressway No.60.svg Seoul-Yangyang Expressway
Major citiesDaegu, Gimcheon, Sangju, Chungju, Yeoju, Yangpyeong
Highway system
Jungbu Naeryuk Expressway
Revised RomanizationJungbu Naeryuk Gosok Doro
McCune–ReischauerChungbu Naeryuk Kosok Toro

A speed zone exists from Exit 1 to Exit 13 (Masan-Gimcheon). The maximum speed is 100 km/h, and the minimum speed is 50 km/h. Another speed zone exists from north of exit 13 to exit 28 (Gimcheon-N. Yeoju). The maximum speed limit is 110 km/h, and the minimum speed limit is 50 km/h.

J-N Exp'way in Maseong-myeon, Mungyeong


  • December, 1977 - Daegu~Masan Section open the traffic(Guma Exressway)
  • September 28, 2001 - Sangju~Gimcheon Section open the traffic.
  • December 20, 2002 - Yeoju~Chungju Section open the traffic.
  • December 15, 2004 - Sangju~Chungju Section open the traffic.
  • November 30, 2007 - Gimcheon~Hyeonpung JC Section open the traffic.
  • September 15, 2010 - Yeoju~N.Yeoju Section open the traffic.
  • December 28, 2012 - N.Yeoju~Yangpyeong Section open the traffic.



  • 4 Lanes


  • 301.77 km

Speed limitEdit

  • Naeseo JC ~ Gimcheon JC / N.Yeoju IC~Yangpyeong IC : 100 km/h
  • Gimcheon JC ~ N.Yeoju IC : 110 km/h

Branch LineEdit

List of facilitiesEdit

  • IC: Interchange, JC: Junction, SA: Service Area, TG:Tollgate
No. Name Korean Name Hanja Name Connections Notes Location
Changwon(Naeseo) 창원(내서) 시점 昌原(內西) 始點 Local Route 1004 Expressway Start Spot Changwon,
1 Naeseo JC 내서분기점 內西分岐點 Local Route 30
Local Route 67
Local Route 1004
  Namhae Expressway Branch Line
Gwangju-bound Only
TG Chirwon TG 칠원요금소 漆原料金所 Main Tollate Haman,
2 Chirwon JC 칠원분기점 漆原分岐點   Namhae Expressway Namyangju-bound Only
3 Chilseo IC 칠서나들목 漆西나들목   National Route 5
Local Route 60
SA Chilseo SA 칠서휴게소 漆西休憩所 Namyangju-bound Only
4 Namji IC 남지나들목 南旨나들목   National Route 5
Local Route 1021
Local Route 1025
SA Yeongsan SA 영산휴게소 靈山休憩所 Changwon-bound Only
5 Yeongsan IC 영산나들목 靈山나들목   National Route 5
  National Route 79
6 Changnyeong IC 창녕나들목 昌寧나들목   National Route 20
  National Route 24
8 Hyeonpung JC 현풍분기점 玄風分岐點   Jungbu Naeryuk Expressway
Branch Line
9 Goryeong JC 고령분기점 高靈分岐點   Gwangju-Daegu Expressway Goryeong,
10 S. Seongju IC 남성주나들목 南星州나들목 Local Route 67 Seongju,
SA South Seongju·Korea Melon SA 남성주참외휴게소 南星州참외休憩所
11 Seongju IC 성주나들목 星州나들목   National Route 30
  National Route 35
SA Seongju SA 성주휴게소 星州休憩所
12 S. Gimcheon IC 남김천나들목 南金泉나들목   National Route 4 Gimcheon,
13 Gimcheon JC 김천분기점 金泉分岐點   Gyeongbu Expressway(  AH1)
14 Seonsan IC 선산나들목 善山나들목   National Route 59 Gumi,
SA Seonsan SA 선산휴게소 善山休憩所
15 Nakdong JC 낙동분기점 洛東分岐點   Dangjin-Yeongdeok Expressway Sangju,
16 Sangju IC 상주나들목 尙州나들목   National Route 25
17 N. Sangju IC 북상주나들목 北尙州나들목   National Route 3
18 Jeomchon·Hamchang IC 점촌함창나들목 店村咸昌나들목   National Route 3
SA Mungyeong SA 문경휴게소 聞慶休憩所 Mungyeong,
19 Mungyeongsaejae IC 문경새재나들목 聞慶새재나들목   National Route 3
  National Route 34
20 Yeonpung IC 연풍나들목 延豊나들목   National Route 3
  National Route 34
SA Goesan SA 괴산휴게소 槐山休憩所
21 Goesan IC 괴산나들목 槐山나들목   National Route 19
22 Chungju IC 충주나들목 忠州나들목   National Route 3
  National Route 36
Local Route 525
Local Route 599
SA Chungju SA 충주휴게소 忠州休憩所
23 Noeun JC 노은분기점 老隱分岐點   Pyeongtaek–Jecheon Expressway Changwon-bound Only
Jecheon-bound Only
N.Chungju IC 북충주나들목 北忠州나들목 Local Route 82
Local Route 525
24 Chungju JC 충주분기점 忠州分岐點   Pyeongtaek–Jecheon Expressway
25 Gamgok IC 감곡나들목 甘谷나들목   National Route 38 Eumseong,
26 Yeoju JC 여주분기점 驪州分岐點   Yeongdong Expressway Yeoju,
27 S. Yeoju IC 남여주나들목 南驪州나들목 Local Route 333
SA W. Yeoju SA 서여주휴게소 西驪州休憩所
28 W. Yeoju IC 서여주나들목 西驪州나들목   National Route 42
29 N. Yeoju JC 북여주분기점 北驪州分岐點   Gwangju-Wonju Expressway
Local Route 70
30 Yangpyeong IC 양평나들목 楊平나들목   National Route 6 Yangpyeong,
31 Chasan JC 차산분기점 茶山分岐點   Seoul-Yangyang Expressway
  Seoul 2nd Ring Expressway

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