Jung Eun-pyo (Korean정은표; born March 27, 1966) is a South Korean actor. He is active in both stage and screen since 1990, notably in the film Kilimanjaro (for which he won Best Supporting Actor at the Grand Bell Awards) and the television dramas Moon Embracing the Sun and God's Gift - 14 Days.[1][2][3][4][5][6][7][8]

Jung Eun-pyo
Born (1966-03-27) March 27, 1966 (age 58)
EducationSeoul Institute of the Arts - Theater
Years active1990–present
SpouseKim Ha-yan
Korean name
Revised RomanizationJeong Eun-pyo
McCune–ReischauerChŏng Ŭnp'yo

Filmography edit

Film edit

Year Title Role
1990 Ggok-Ji-Ddan
1994 Sado Sade Impotence Eunuch
1996 The Real Man Motel samdoli
Do You Believe in Jazz? Eschatologist
1999 Phantom: The Submarine 981
2000 The Happy Funeral Director Gong Dae-shik
Kilimanjaro Sergeant
2002 Four Toes Bartender
Bet On My Disco Gigolo
Break Out Reservist friend (cameo)
Survival Game (short film from
the Jeonju Digital Project After War)[9]
2003 Show Show Show Yong-man
Into the Mirror Kim Il-hwan
Natural City Croy
2004 DMZ Corporal Kwon Hae-ryong
2005 Mapado Mr. Kang (cameo)
Princess Aurora Lock picker (cameo)
2006 Sunflower Doctor (cameo)
2007 A Good Day to Have an Affair Clerk at motel counter
Le Grand Chef Ho-seong
2008 Heartbreak Library Pharmacist
2013 The Hero[10] Director of Thunder Man
2021 Go Back (Independent film) Lee Byung-hoon[11]
TBA PIT Do-hun (Short Film) [12]

Television series edit

Year Title Role
2000 Golbangi
Drama City "Ice City"
2001 Tender Hearts Han Pil-jae
Morning Without Parting Ji Seok-joo
2002 Waves Jo Il-gu
Loving You Do Hyung-geun
2003 Wife Park Dal-soo
Dal-joong's Cinderella Shim Ki-bong
2004 Jang Gil-san Go Dal-geun
Immortal Admiral Yi Sun-sin Dae-man
2005 Loveholic Han Young-gil
HDTV Literature
"Who Murdered Kurt Cobain?"
2006 Over the Rainbow Mang-ji
Drama City
"Scrubber No. 3"
Drama City
"Blockhead's Quadratic Equation"
2007 Catching Up with Gangnam Moms Lee Tae-gu
How to Meet a Perfect Neighbor Mr. Choi
2008 Hong Gil-dong Monk Hye-myung
The Great King, Sejong Slave
HDTV Literature "Spring, Spring Spring"
My Cop Jung Eun-pyo
You Stole My Heart Nam Han-gu
Lawyers of the Great Republic of Korea Company president Moon
Hometown Legends
"Oh Gu the Exorcism"
Tazza Painter Jo
2009 Dream Reporter Joo (cameo)
Invincible Lee Pyung Kang Lee Jang
High Kick Through the Roof Jung Eun-pyo (cameo)
2010 Dong Yi Ge Dwo-ra's father
Grudge: The Revolt of Gumiho Gumiho's husband
Quiz of God - Season 1 Gynecologist
(guest, episode 6)
Ang Shim Jung Lee Ja-chool
2011 Sign Kim Wan-tae
Paradise Ranch Company president Yang
Drama Special "Hair Show" Cameraman
2012 Moon Embracing the Sun Hyung-sun
Dr. Jin[13] Heo Gwang
The Innocent Man Manager Jung (cameo)
Drama Special "A Spoonbill Flies Away" Young-hae
2013 Incarnation of Money[14] Hwang Jang-shik
Hur Jun, the Original Story Im Oh-geun
Let's Eat Police officer
(cameo, episode 14)
My Love from the Star Yoon Sung-dong
(cameo, episode 6)
Yoon Sung-dong's descendant
(cameo, episode 12)
2014 God's Gift - 14 Days Ki Dong-ho
Angel Eyes High school teacher (cameo)
You Are My Destiny Company president Park
2015 OK Family Han-soo
Kill Me, Heal Me American psychiatrist
(cameo, episode 1)
All About My Mom Manager Yang
2016 The Flower in Prison Ji Cheon-deuk
2018 Top Star U-back[15] Kim Gook-seop
2020 Mystic Pop-up Bar Choi Seok-pan (cameo)
Dinner Mate Woo In-ho
When I Was Most Beautiful Lee Kyeong-Sik
2021 River Where The Moon Rises[16] Uhm-deuk[17]
The Devil Judge Doh Young-choon (Cameo,Episode 7)[18]
City Girl Drinkers Ahn So-hee's Father [19]
2022 Café Minamdang Kim Cheol-geun[20]
Today's Webtoon Mo Young-soo[21]
2023 Stealer: The Treasure Keeper Choi Song-cheol

Web series edit

Year Title Role
2019 IN SEOUL Seo Ho-pil
2020 IN SEOUL Season 2 Dong Ho-pil

Variety show edit

Year Title Notes
2012 Star Junior Show Host

Music video edit

Year Song Title Artist
2006 "The Song" Velvet Glove
2007 Already One Year (벌써1년) Brown Eyes

Theater edit

Year Title Role
1990 Unsangak (An Arbor Over the Clouds)
Baekma River in the Moonlight
Chun-pung's Wife
Vinyl House
Tae (The Life Cord)
Come and See Me
Story of Old Thieves
1995 Heotang (Fruitless)[22]
2004 Barber Park Bong-gu
2008 Do You Know the Milky Way?
2010 Sanae Watanabe Park Man-chun/Watanabe
2013-2014 Thursday Romance Seo Jung-min

Awards and nominations edit

Year Award Category Nominated work Result
1995 31st Baeksang Arts Awards Best New Actor (Theater) Won
31st Dong-A Theatre Awards Best Actor Vinyl House Won
2000 21st Blue Dragon Film Awards Best Supporting Actor Kilimanjaro Nominated
2001 38th Grand Bell Awards Best Supporting Actor Won
2006 KBS Drama Awards Best Actor in a One-Act/Special/Short Drama Blockhead's Quadratic Equation Won
2012 SBS Entertainment Awards Best Family Award Bungeo-ppang Won[23]
MBC Drama Awards Golden Acting Award, Actor Moon Embracing the Sun, Dr. Jin Nominated
Best Couple Award with Kim Soo-hyun Moon Embracing the Sun Nominated

References edit

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