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Jung District, Incheon

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Jung District (Jung-gu, Korean: 중구; 中區) is a ward, a district in the city of Incheon, South Korea. This is one of the eight district into which Incheon is administratively divided.

Autonomous District
Korean transcription(s)
 • Hanja
 • Revised Romanization Jung-gu
 • McCune-Reischauer Chung-gu
Icheon bridge.jpg
Incheon-location - 복사본.png
Country South Korea
Region Sudogwon
Provincial level Incheon
Administrative divisions 11 administrative dong
 • Dialect Seoul
Website Jung District Office

Jung-gu is also the historic part of Incheon. It was founded in 1883, when the Jemulpo Port was open. The ward contains multiple historical and cultural heritage monuments, such as the Dap-dong Cathedral, the Hongyemun Gate, The First Anglican Church, and the Jayu Park, which was the first modern-style park built in Korea.

Incheon is the gateway to the capital, Seoul. In modern times Incheon port became a trading port, has at its center, Jung-gu. Incheon port is an international gateway and Korea‘s second largest trade port. Jung-gu also is the location of the Incheon International Airport.


Administrative DivisionsEdit

Administrative divisions
  • Sinpo-dong (divided in turn into Jungang-dong 1 to 4 Ga, Haean-dong 1 to 4 Ga, Gwandong 1 to 3 Ga, Songhak-dong 1 to 3 Ga, Sadong, Sinsaeng-dong, Dapdong, Sinpo-dong, Hangdong 1 to 6 Ga and some portion of Hangdong 7-ga)
  • Yeonan-dong (divided in turn into some portions of Hangdong 7-ga and Bukseong-dong 1-ga)
  • Bukseong-dong (divided in turn into Bukseong-dong 2 and 3 Ga, some portion of Bukseong-dong 1-ga and Seollin-dong)
  • Sinheung-dong (divided in turn into Sinheung-dong 1 to 3 Ga and Seonhwa-dong)
  • Yulmok-dong (divided in turn into Yulmok-dong and Yudong)
  • Dong Incheon-dong (divided in turn into Naedong, Gyeongdong, Yongdong, Inhyeon-dong, and Jeondong)
  • Yeongjong-dong, Yeongjong Island (divided in turn into Jungsan-dong, Unnam-dong and Unbuk-dong)
  • Unseo-dong, Yeongjong Island
  • Yongyu-dong, Yongyu Island (divided in turn into Eurwang-dong, Nambuk-dong, Deokgyo-dong and Muui-dong)
  • Songwol-dong 1 to 3 Ga
  • Dowon-dong


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Coordinates: 37°28′20″N 126°37′20″E / 37.47222°N 126.62222°E / 37.47222; 126.62222