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King Jun of Gojoseon was king of the Gija Joseon. He was succeeded by Wiman, whose usurpation of the throne began the Wiman Joseon period of Gojoseon. His personal name was Gijun (기준, 基準).

Jun of Gojoseon
Revised RomanizationJun Wang
McCune–ReischauerChun Wang

Overthrowing and exile into MahanEdit

Wiman entered Gojoseon as a refugee, and submitted to King Jun. Jun granted Wiman's request to serve as a commander of the western borders in Beonjoseon. However, sometime around 194 BC or 193 BC, Wiman led a revolt, and followed Jun down into Mahan territory, which encompassed the Korean peninsula.

Jun's last surname is uncertain. While some people say Ki some people say Han. Cheongju Han clan claims to be a direct descendant of him.

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Jun of Gojoseon
 Died: 194 BC
Regnal titles
Preceded by
King Bu
King of Gojseon
c. 220 BC – 194 BC
Succeeded by