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Jump Smokers is an electro house music group from Chicago, United States. The band currently consists of members Roman (vocals/lyrics), Flipside (production/DJ), and Johnny Digital.

Jump Smokers!
Also known as
  • Jumpsmokers
OriginChicago, New York, United States
Years active2009-present
Johnny Digital



The two met in Chicago working for Chicago radio station B96 in 2003.[1] They formed the group in 2009 along with producer Reydon and digital media designer Johnny Digital. Their debut album, Kings of the Dancefloor!, was released July 27, 2010 on Ultra Records. In 2012, Reydon moved on from the group and Marquee joined the group for 2 years.


In 2009, Jump Smokers featured on Honorebel's hit single "Now You See It (Shake That Ass)" alongside American rapper Pitbull.[2][3] They later released their debut single in November titled "Don't Be a Douchebag".[4] They released their debut studio album on 27 July 2010 via Ultra Records.[5]


In 2009, they released "My Flow So Tight", a song criticizing Chris Brown for his altercation against Rihanna.[6] The song gained radio airplay in cities across the country.[6] A portion of the proceeds benefited various organizations for battered women.[6]



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