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Osakeyhtiö (Finnish pronunciation: [ˈosɑkeʔːˌyhtiø], "stock company"), often abbreviated to Oy, is the Finnish name for a limited company (e.g., Ltd, LLC, or GmbH).[1] The Swedish name is Aktiebolag often abbreviated to Ab.


Julkinen osakeyhtiöEdit

Julkinen osakeyhtiö (pl. julkiset osakeyhtiöt) means "public stock company" and is abbreviated to oyj (pronounced [oː yː jiː]). A julkinen osakeyhtiö can be listed on the Helsinki Stock Exchange. The term's Swedish equivalent is Abp (publikt aktiebolag). An oyj may be called a public limited company or public company in English and may use the abbreviation PLC in the company name, for example.

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