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Julie Davis (born 1969) is an American film director, writer and actress.[1] Davis is best known for directing, writing and acting in the romantic comedy film Amy's Orgasm. Davis' first film, the ultra low-budget I Love You, Don't Touch Me! debuted at the 1997 Sundance Film Festival. She also directed the cult gay romantic comedy All Over the Guy in 2001 and the 2010 film Finding Bliss, based on her experiences as an editor at the Playboy Channel.

Julie Davis
Julie Davis with Camera.jpg
Julie Davis with camera
Born1969 (age 49–50)
EducationDartmouth College (1990)
OccupationFilm director, screenwriter, actress
Years active1994-present


Early life and educationEdit

Davis grew up in a Jewish family[2] in Miami, Florida. As a child, she spent her summers at the Interlochen Arts Academy studying classical piano. She graduated from Miami Palmetto High School in 1986.[3] She attended Dartmouth College, graduating in 1990.[4] At Dartmouth, she majored in Comparative Literature and spent nine months living in Mainz, Germany and Toulouse, France. As part of her Dartmouth Senior Fellowship, Davis made her first full-length film, a World War II period drama with part French and German subtitles about a French prostitute forced to collaborate with the Nazis who falls in love with a Jewish resistance fighter and must choose between her conscience and survival. After graduating Dartmouth, Davis attended the AFI Conservatory's editing training program, graduating in 1991.[5]


In 1995, she moved to Los Angeles[2] where she got her start in the film business by editing and directing ultra-low-budget films. While editing promos for the Playboy Channel, she raised $60,000 to make her first feature I Love You, Don't Touch Me! which premiered at the Sundance Film Festival in 1997 and was sold to the Samuel Goldwyn Company. Davis was compared to a female Woody Allen.[6]

Davis' second film Amy's Orgasm won the Audience Choice Award for best feature at the Santa Barbara International Film Festival in 2001. [7]


Director (4 titles)
Actress (5 titles)
Writer (3 titles)


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