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Jules Sylvester (born 13 November 1950) is a snake wrangler who works in film and television. He was born in England and raised in Kenya where he was first introduced to snake catching at age 16.[1] He served in the Rhodesian Light Infantry during the Rhodesian Bush War from 1973-1974. He has appeared in numerous television shows including a series of appearances on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno and his own 2002 series Wild Adventures. He handled the snakes in the film Snakes on a Plane.[2] He was also a guest on The Bernie Mac Show. He has also made multiple appearances on Spike TV's 1000 Ways to Die, in segments dealing with animal-related deaths. In 2006, he claimed that after 40 years of snake handling he had never been bitten.[2] He also appeared as a snake handler in an episode of CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, "Got Murder."

In 2012, he appeared in Animal Movers in Episode 2: "The Tortoise and the Hare-Raising Cobra." He transported Cobras to Florida.[3]


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