Judo at the 2019 Pan American Games – Men's 73 kg

The men's 73 kg competition of the judo events at the 2019 Pan American Games in Lima, Peru, was held on August 9 at the Polideportivo 3.[1]

Men's 73 kg at the XVIII Pan American Games
VenuePolideportivo 3
DatesAugust 9
Competitors10 from 10 nations
Gold medal   Cuba
Silver medal   Peru
Bronze medal   Brazil
Bronze medal   United States


All times are local (UTC−5)


Round of 16 Quarter Finals Semi Finals Final
  Magdiel Estrada (CUB) 10S1
  Jeffrey Ruiz (PUR) 00   Leider Navarro (COL) 00S1
  Leider Navarro (COL) 01S2   Magdiel Estrada (CUB) 10S2
  Sergio Mattey (VEN) 00S1
  Sergio Mattey (VEN) 01S2
  Jeferson Santos (BRA) 00
  Magdiel Estrada (CUB) 10S1
  Alonso Wong (PER) 00S2
  Alonso Wong (PER) 10
  Bradley Langlois (CAN) 11   Bradley Langlois (CAN) 00S3
  Philippe Metellus (HAI) 00S1   Alonso Wong (PER) 10S1
  Eduardo Araújo (MEX) 00S3
  Eduardo Araújo (MEX) 10
  Nicholas Delpopolo (USA) 00

Repechage roundEdit

Two bronze medals were awarded.

Repechage Bronze medal
  Leider Navarro (COL) 00S3
  Jeferson Santos (BRA) 10S1   Jeferson Santos (BRA) 10S1
  Eduardo Araújo (MEX) 00
Repechage Bronze medal
  Bradley Langlois (CAN) 00S3
  Nicholas Delpopolo (USA) 10   Nicholas Delpopolo (USA) 01S1
  Sergio Mattey (VEN) 00S1


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