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The Judo competition at the 1972 Summer Olympics was the return of the sport following its absence at the 1968 Summer Olympics in Mexico City.[1] Medals were awarded in six weight classes, and competition was restricted to men only. Among the highlights was Willem Ruska of the Netherlands winning gold medals in both the heavyweight and open class competition, becoming the first judoka to win two Olympic gold medals.

at the Games of the XX Olympiad
Judo pictogram.svg
VenueMessegelände (competition rounds)
Boxhalle (finals)
Dates31st August to 4th September 1972
Competitors144 from 46 nations
← 1964
1976 →


Medal summaryEdit

Medal tableEdit

1  Japan3014
2  Netherlands2002
3  Soviet Union1124
4  Great Britain0123
5  West Germany0112
6  Poland0101
  South Korea0101
8  France0033
9  Brazil0011
  East Germany0011
  North Korea0011
Totals (11 nations)651223

Participating countriesEdit


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  2. ^ The silver medal was originally awarded to Bakhvain Buyadaa of Mongolia, but he was disqualified after he tested positive for excessive caffeine.

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