Judith of Rennes (982–1017) was Duchess of Normandy from c. 1000 until her death.

Judith of Brittany
Leaden sarcophagus of Judith of Brittany
Died1017 (aged 34–35)
BuriedAbbey of Bernay, France
Noble familyRennes
Spouse(s)Richard II, Duke of Normandy
FatherConan I, Duke of Brittany
MotherErmengarde of Anjou

Life edit

Judith, born in 982, was the daughter of Conan I, Duke of Brittany and Ermengarde-Gerberga of Anjou.[1] She was a part of an important double marriage alliance between Normandy and Brittany first recorded by William of Jumièges.[2]

In 996, her brother Geoffrey I, Duke of Brittany married Hawise of Normandy, daughter of Richard I, Duke of Normandy while in c. 1000 Judith married Richard II, Duke of Normandy, Hawise's brother.[3] The duchess Judith died on 28 August 1017 and was buried in the abbey of Bernay, which she had founded in 1013.[4]

Family edit

Judith married Richard II, Duke of Normandy in c. 1000. They had:

Notes edit

  1. ^ Van Houts simply states a daughter of Judith and Richard married Baldwin, Count of Flanders.[5]

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Sources edit

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