Jud Yalkut

Jud Yalkut (/ʌd jælkʌt/;1938–2013) was an experimental film and video maker and intermedia artist.

Personal lifeEdit

Jud Yalkut was born in New York City in 1938.[1] In 1973, he moved to Dayton, Ohio, where he lived until his death at the age of 75 in Cincinnati, Ohio on July 23, 2013.[2]

He was married to Peg Rice.[2]


Yalkut attended McGill University, Montreal, where he studied poetry, before returning to his place of birth, New York, to take up film-making.[3]

New YorkEdit

In 1965 Yalkut became resident film-maker for USCO ('The Company of Us', a media arts collective).[4] Yalkut created the following films for USCO events in the mid-sixties, some in collaboration with USCO members: Turn, Turn, Turn (USCO did the soundtrack), Ghost Rev, Diffraction Film, and Down By the Riverside.[5]

Jud became interested in psychedelics, and produced a short film called D.M.T. preserved by Anthology Film Archives (http://anthologyfilmarchives.org/)

In 1966 he started collaborating with Nam June Paik, a working partnership that would continue into the 1970s.[4] Together, Yalkut and Paik produced hybrid film-video works that combined moving image technologies, electronic manipulations, performance and installation. These works include Videotape Study No. 3 (1967–69), Beatles Electroniques (1966–72) and Cinema Metaphysique (1966–72).[1]

As well as Paik, Yalkut worked with many other New York-based performance artists. For example, in 1967 he made a film of the Japanese artist Yayoi Kusama, Kusama’s Self-Obliteration.[3] In 1968, Yalkut collaborated with the dancer and choreographer Trisha Brown, contributing a film to the dance, Planes, for projection onto the performance space. The film included found aerial footage of New York City, rockets launching and microscopic imagery.[6]

During his time in New York, Yalkut organised film programs for Charlotte Moorman's New York Avant Garde Festivals. He also taught film-making courses at New York University, School of Visual Arts, and the Millennium Film Workshop.[1]


In 1973, Yalkut left New York and started a film and video program at Wright State University, Dayton, Ohio.[1]

He was one of the founders of Dayton Visual Arts Center.[1] He taught at Sinclair Community College in Dayton and at Xavier University in Cincinnati.[2]

Notable exhibitionsEdit

  • Dream Reels: VideoFilms and Environments by Jud Yalkut, Whitney Museum of American Art, New York, 2000.[1]
  • Jud Yalkut: Visions and Sur-Realities, University of Dayton, Spring 2013 – a career retrospective.[1]

Awards and commendationsEdit

Yalkut received six Individual Artist Fellowships and three Artist's Project Grants from the Ohio Arts Council. The Montgomery County Arts and Cultural District honoured him with a Master Individual Artist Fellowship and a Lifetime Achievement Fellowship in 2003.[2]


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