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Jud may refer to:


People with the surnameEdit

People with the nickname or given nameEdit

  • Jud Birchall (1855–1887), American baseball player
  • Jud Birza (born 1989), American model
  • Jud Buechler (born 1968), American basketball player and coach
  • Jud Daley (1884–1967), American baseball player
  • Jud Fabian (born 2000), American baseball player
  • Jud Heathcote (1927–2017), American basketball player and coach
  • Jud Hurd (1913–2005), American cartoonist
  • Jud Kinberg (1925–2016), American producer and screenwriter
  • Jud Larson (1923–1966), American racecar driver
  • Jud Logan (born 1959), American athlete
  • Jud McAtee (1920–2011), American ice hockey player
  • Jud McLaughlin (1912–1964), American baseball player
  • Jud McMillin (born 1977), American politician
  • Jud Newborn (born 1952), American author and cultural anthropologist
  • Jud Simons (1904–1943), Dutch gymnast
  • Jud Smith (1869–1947), American baseball player
  • Jud Strunk (1936–1981), American singer, songwriter and comedian
  • Jud Taylor (1940–2008), American actor and TV director and producer
  • Jud Timm (1906–1994), American football player
  • Jud Tylor (born 1979), Canadian actress
  • Jud Wilson (1894–1963), American baseball player
  • Jud Yalkut (1938–2013), film and video maker and intermedia artist


Other usesEdit

  • JUD (Latin: Juris utriusque doctor, Doctor of both laws), a scholar who has acquired a doctorate in both civil and church law
  • Jud Fry, a fictional character in Oklahoma!
  • Jud Crandall, a fictional character in Pet Sematary
  • Jud., the Epistle of Jude in the Bible

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