Juarez and Maximilian

Juarez or Juarez and Maximilian (Spanish: Juárez y Maximiliano) is a 1934 Mexican historical drama film directed by Miguel Contreras Torres and Raphael J. Sevilla. The film is set during the French intervention in Mexico during the 1860s, and features the battle between Maximilian I of Mexico and Benito Juárez.

Juarez and Maximilian
StarringCarlos Orellana
Release date
  • 1934 (1934)

The theme is based on the 1925 play called Juarez and Maximilian by Franz Werfel. The theme is used again in the later 1939 American film Juarez. It was one of the few major commercial successes for the Mexican film industry in the early sound era,[1] before the beginning of the Golden Age of Mexican cinema.



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