Juan Pablo Gamboa

Juan Pablo Gamboa (born November 24, 1966 in Cali, Colombia) is a Colombian actor. He was born as Juan Pablo Gamboa Cook.[1]

He appeared in telenovelas including Esmeralda, La usurpadora,[2] Carita de Ángel, La intrusa.

Gamboa studied communications in Hofstra University in New York.[citation needed] His portrayal of Willy in La usurpadora gave him his first TVyNovelas Award nomination for best male antagonist.

He was previously married to Bibiana Escobar and has three children, Santiago, Mariana, and another son named Juan Martin with a different wife. The 2nd wife's identity has been kept secret from the public. His first son Santiago was born in the mid 1990s, and Mariana in the early 2000s.[3]

He's the son of a Colombian father and a British American mother.



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