Jozo Bozo

Jozo Bozo, real name Josip Alajbeg (born 1973), is a Croatian children's magician.

Alajbeg was born in Zagreb, Croatia where he currently lives. As Jozo Bozo, he has performed at the White House, Washington DC for the Easter Egg Roll. In his professional career he has performed over 8,000 shows on four continents and lectured at conventions for magicians.

Jozo Bozo is a member of Academy of Magical Arts in Hollywood and he is also European Ambassador for KIDabra.



  • Jutarnji List - one of the leading Croatian newspaper
  • Vecernji List - leading Croatian newspaper
  • 24 Sata (newspaper), Gloria (magazine), Tena (magazine)
  • Zagrebacka XV. Gimnazija, 1964–2008, book

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