Jozef Martin Boey (also spelled Josef, 16 May 1934 – 28 February 2016) was a Belgian chess player who held the FIDE title of International Master (IM, 1973) and the ICCF title of Correspondence Chess Grandmaster (GM, 1975). He was a four-time Belgian Chess Championship winner (1959, 1964, 1965, 1971).

Jozef Boey
Tijdens de partij tussen Jan Hein Donner (r) en de Belgische Josef Boey, kijkt d, Bestanddeelnr 919-6516.jpg
Boey (left) in 1966
Full nameJozef Martin Boey
Born(1934-05-16)16 May 1934
Antwerp, Belgium
Died28 February 2016(2016-02-28) (aged 81)
Vosselaar, Belgium
FIDE rating2280 (2009)
Peak rating2435 (1973)
ICCF rating2495 (1996)


From the mid-1950s to the mid-1970s Jozef Boey was one of Belgium's leading chess players. He four times won Belgian Chess Championships: in 1959 (together with Albéric O'Kelly de Galway),[1] 1964,[2] 1965, 1971 (together with Roeland Verstraeten).[3] Jozef Boey twice played in World Chess Championship European Zonal Tournaments: in 1963, in Enschede he ranked 12th place,[4] but in 1966, in The Hague he shared 11th–12th place.[5] He has had several successes in international chess tournaments, include shared 2nd place in Amsterdam (1974, IBM international chess tournament B)[6] and shared 2nd place in Roosendaal (1983).[7]

Boey played for Belgium in the Chess Olympiads:[8]

Boey played for Belgium in the European Team Chess Championship preliminaries:[9]

  • In 1973, at first board in the 5th European Team Chess Championship preliminaries (+0, =1, -1).

In the 1970s Boey devoted himself to the correspondence chess, in which he achieved significant results, being one of the world's leaders in the mid-1980s. Boey participated three times in the World Correspondence Chess Championship finals. The greatest his success was in the 7th final (1972-1976), in which he ranked 2nd place.[10] In the other two finals he took 12th place (1975–1980, 8th final)[11] and 7th place (1978–1984, 10th final).[12]

Boey was a chemist by profession.


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