Joutseno is a former town and municipality of Finland. It is located in the province of Southern Finland and is part of the South Karelia region. Joutseno had a population of 10,821 (2004) and covers an area of 498,8 km² of which 187,7 km² is water. The region shares nine kilometers of borderline with Russia. The population density is 34,8 inhabitants per km². Joutseno is unilingually Finnish. Until 2005, Joutseno's status was changed to city. Joutseno was consolidated with Lappeenranta on 2009-01-01. A referendum was held, by public demand, before the amalgamation and the result was 73.9% against joining Lappeenranta. The referendum result was not considered binding, however, and the merger was carried out regardless.

Coat of arms of Joutseno
Joutseno church.

Joutseno is located by the beautiful lake Saimaa surrounded by idyllic Karelian woods. It is a small town that connects to nearby cities of Imatra and Lappeenranta, and further on to the larger Joensuu through the national thoroughfare, main road number six, and the Karelian railroad. Local industries include a large Botnia mill and a bakery. The notorious Konnunsuo prison is located in the same district. Joutsenon Opisto houses a branch of Humanistic Polytechnics and has open university programmes.

Places to visitEdit

  • The Local History Museum
  • Joutseno Church
  • South Karelian Motor Museum
  • The Domestic Animal Park of Korpikeidas
  • The storm monument by the library
  • Lake Ahvenlampi
  • The Myllymäki skiing center

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Twin towns — Sister citiesEdit

Joutseno is twinned with: Säter, Sweden

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Coordinates: 61°07′05″N 028°30′35″E / 61.11806°N 28.50972°E / 61.11806; 28.50972