Journey to work

Journey to work is data collected as part of a census that describes aspects of commuting behaviour. Travel behaviour surveys may also describe commuting habits, but this is rarely considered to be a journey to work.

Data collected includes the mode (or modes) used by an individual to travel from home to work, and may also include the time that it takes to do so or the workplace location.

Data collection by countryEdit

  • In the United States, journey-to-work data is collected by the United States Census every ten years. Data includes the mode and the time it takes to travel to the workplace.
  • In the United Kingdom the term used is travel to work areas. Travel to work areas are derived based on information gathered via a census every ten years.
  • In Australia, journey-to-work data is collected by census every five years. Data includes the mode and workplace location.
  • Many developed countries carry out similar surveys to assist with transportation planning.

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