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Journey in Satchidananda

Journey in Satchidananda is the fourth solo album by Alice Coltrane. Its title (and title track) reflects Coltrane's inspiration by Swami Satchidananda whom Coltrane had become close to while being his disciple.

Journey in Satchidananda
Journey in Satchidananda (Alice Coltrane).jpg
Studio album by Alice Coltrane
Released 1971
Recorded 8 November 1970
Genre Avant-garde jazz
Length 37:06
Label Impulse! Records
Producer Alice Coltrane
Ed Michel
Alice Coltrane chronology
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(1970)Ptah, the El Daoud1970
Journey in Satchidananda
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"Shiva-Loka", or "realm of Shiva" — the realm of the third member of the Hindu trinity, the "dissolver of creation". "Stopover Bombay" refers to a five-week stay in India and Sri Lanka on which Coltrane was due to go in December 1970. "Something About John Coltrane" is based on themes by her late husband, John Coltrane. "Isis and Osiris", on which Charlie Haden replaces Cecil McBee on bass, and Vishnu Wood plays oud, indicates Coltrane's interest in Middle Eastern and North African music and culture. The presence of the tamboura, played by Tulsi, reflects Coltrane's interest in Indian music and religion.



The orientation and the high category of this work had a deep impact on the musicians vanguarde community at the time, inspiring such a lot of them and influencing following creations, like "My Goal's Beyond" by John McLaughlin that also featured bassist Charlie Haden contribution.

  • Paul Weller has often cited this album as a favourite, including it in a "12 Albums You Must Hear Right Now!" list he compiled for Mojo magazine in 2005. His biographer Paolo Hewitt recalls how Weller was so taken with the title track that he unwittingly put it on three different mixtapes he compiled for him. Weller also composed "Song for Alice" in tribute to Coltrane, releasing it on his 2008 album 22 Dreams.
  • The English space rock band Earthling Society covered the title track on their 2014 album England Have My Bones.


The Allmusic review by Thom Jurek awarded the album 5 stars stating "this is a remarkable album, and necessary for anyone interested in the development of modal and experimental jazz. It's also remarkably accessible".[1]

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Allmusic     [1]

Track listingEdit

Side A

  1. "Journey in Satchidananda" –6:39
  2. "Shiva-Loka" –6:37
  3. "Stopover Bombay" –2:54

Side B

  1. "Something About John Coltrane" –9:44
  2. "Isis and Osiris" –11:49

All compositions by Alice Coltrane.
Tracks A1–B1 recorded at the Coltrane home studio, Dix Hills, New York, on November 8, 1970; track B2 recorded live at The Village Gate, New York City, on July 4, 1970.



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